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Welcome to Blogtober!

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Join me!

As you can see, this is a very new blog. I’m only 2 posts in! I’m just starting the work of getting content up – both on the blog and on social media.

Why A New Blog?

My other blog – my first one – Life: The Reboot that I started last year after my kidney transplant has morphed in focus. It was supposed to be a lifestyle and health blog, but it’s now more of a self-improvement blog. I’m going to use it for my health coaching. More on that in a future post!

This blog, The Tales of the Rebooted Mom MD,  is going to be that original lifestyle and health blog that I intended to have. There are many things that I want to talk about –food, kids, travel, exercise, clothes, and more – that are outside of the focus of Life: The Reboot.

I also want to write more about health – I want to use that diploma after all. And when I get my first novel edited (more than 2/3s done with that process), there will be information about that here as well.

What is Blogtober and How Did I Get Involved?

Getting my new blog started seemed pretty straight-forward. However, just by chance, I came across a post discussing the ins and outs of Blogtober which is basically posting 31 new posts in 31 days. This event starts on October 1st. I found out about this on September 28th.

2 days?

I am so in!

I am a glutton for punishment, right?

What Am I Writing About this Month?

So, these two days have been spent finding topics to write about during Blogtober. Google has been my friend today. I found several blogs with lists of possible topics to consider which is great. Some possibilities include:

  1. Travel Wish List
  2. Random Facts about me
  3. Fall Smoothies
  4. Yoga clothes and gear
  5. Reading List
  6. Halloween Plans this year
  7. Halloween Memories
  8. Fall Self-care routine
  9. Fall beauty routine
  10. Staying healthy this fall
  11. Things I love about fall
  12. A day in the life
  13. Fall drink recipes
  14. Fall Allergies
  15. Better Sleep
  16. Teens and school
  17. Favorite New Fall Shows
  18. Gratitude list
  19. Traveling in the fall
  20. Football (appetizers, tailgating, something along those lines)
  21. Inspirational Quotes
  22. Future Holiday Trips
  23. College Visit Tips (we have one planned for my son during October)
  24. Ways to be Happier
  25. Fall Soups
  26. Product Review
  27. Eye Injury Prevention Month tips (I am an eye doc by training)
  28. My transplant story and how I found a donor
  29. Pro and Cons of Being Tall
  30. Fall Journaling
  31. Holiday Wish List
  32. Fall Seasonal Produce
  33. Fitness Routine

I’m not sure of the order of posts yet or if I won’t add something else instead. I had also previously finished some Halloween costume and decoration posts to publish this month, but I don’t really want to include that in the 31 (for now!). I obviously will still publish them but there will be 31 other posts getting published too.


Using the hashtag #blogtober, I have been reaching out to other bloggers who are participating; hopefully, I can provide some love for other blogs by checking them out. Maybe I’ll create a round-up post of some of the other bloggers that I meet along the way. I hope to gain new readers and to find other bloggers that I might not have met otherwise.

Well — The Goal Is…

31 posts in 31 days!

Post 1 and counting…Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Orange Mom Blogtober

Loving Life — The Reboot!


Welcome to Blogtober!


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