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38 Random Facts About Me

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This is my second post during Blogtober19. I am on a roll here!

Here are some random facts so you can know more about me!

  • I am originally from Alabama.
  • My parents gave me the name Dominique at birth but immediately started calling me Nikki. I was one of the first to use the two kks in the spelling. LOL
  • I have a medical degree from Vanderbilt University (Anchor Down!)
  • I have an MBA from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!)
  • I love football — both college and pro (Go Pack Go!). I will admit it is getting harder to watch as I get older. I’m glad my son didn’t play after age 7.
Could be me, Could be my transplant surgeon, could be my nephrologist (all women docs!)
  • When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. I changed my mind at age 11 and went full steam ahead to become a doctor. I have gone full circle back to writing.
  • I used to be a clothes horse but once I had kids, I stopped most of my shopping sprees unless I have something to buy for.
  • I have a daughter with Down Syndrome.
  • My favorite place that I have lived in is Atlanta.
  • I had a kidney transplant on December 26, 2017.
  • I found my donor – an amazing woman who is now my sister –on Facebook. I didn’t know her before she answered my post.
  • Over the last 4 months, I lost 15 lbs of the weight I gained after my transplant surgery.
  • I still have my Facebook page and blog that I used to look for a donor. I post about other people who are looking for a kidney. (Check it out and share to help!)
My three instruments — quite musical I was!
  • I’m an only child. However, I do have quite a few of sisters-in-law (7)!
  • My father lives with our family here in Texas now. Talk about culture shock!
  • I am 5’11”. My 17-year-old son is now 6’2” and the doctor told him his growth plates are still open… I think it’s weird to look up at him.
  • My feet are probably too small for my body. I wear a women’s size 9 in most shoes. Note the height. No wonder I’m clumsy!
  • As a teen, I played alto saxophone, piano, and the bassoon. The bassoon was not my choice, but my band director gave it to me because I had long fingers.
  • I don’t have many decorating skills. I don’t think I evolved much beyond college-level décor. But I’m going to put more effort into it because we’re going to be redoing a lot of things in our house next year.
Sadly, my garden did not look like this.
  • My choice of exercise is walking but I’m trying to get back into yoga.
  • My favorite color is black even though it should be pink and green because of my sorority.
  • I do like to eat and cook, but I am feeling lazy right now.
  • I tried to grow a garden in our backyard, but the neighborhood creatures and I went to war over my vegetables. I lost.
  • I’m allergic to seafood. Exactly what seafood I am not sure. Who needs to know at this point? All are off-limits!
  • During medical school, I found out I was allergic to latex. Students had to use less-expensive latex gloves for surgery or patient care. I needed the expensive ones. One attending didn’t believe me but after he saw the welts and hives racing up my arm from the latex, he became a believer and an evangelist!
  • I wore contact lenses until after my second child was born. My eyes are often too dry to make it work now. As an ophthalmologist, it’s sad! LOL
Books, Books, and Books
  • I seriously considered taking time off from school to see if I could become a model. Glad I didn’t – I probably wouldn’t have gone back.
  • My parents used to clear the table at breakfast because I would read anything on the table including the cereal box!
  • I love love, love murder mystery and thriller novels. I also love procedurals on TV.
  • I am a fan of the airport novel. I plan to write a few.
  • I have created a lot of journals on Amazon, but I haven’t promoted them much. That is one of my goals for this quarter.
  • I danced from childhood until college. I was on my high school dance team and helped start the dance team at my college in Birmingham. I never played basketball though.
Oh, the beach…
  • I love to travel although I haven’t done much in the past.
  • A good friend’s mother convinced a friend and me to go to a Christmas ski club party in Atlanta (I didn’t ski) to meet a man. My future husband walked up to me and asked me if I knew how to salsa. I wanted to learn, and we have been together ever since.
  • I know a little about a lot of things and have a pretty decent vocabulary. I spell for crap though – spellcheck is my friend!
  • I want a house on an island. I watch the shows on HGTV about people moving to Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Mexico. I worry about having doctors nearby so that may affect what we do.
  • I have been called “Saint Nikki” by different people during different phases of my life. I try to do the right thing most of the time (not always successful though!)
  • My husband and I would like to adopt a child, but we may be running out of time. We’ll see.

Whew! That was rather fun. It’s not common that I talk about me. I have to get better at that since this blog is going to be more about me.

I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me something about yourself in the comments!

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38 Random Facts About Me


  • Ivan Siladji

    I really digged this piece and really enjoyed your writing style. The style kept the fast paced feel of what sounds like a busy life.

    I think I might be inspired to do a similar updated price on my own blog this month.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ivan Siladji

  • Nelly

    Such a great post! Me and you could have been besties growing up. I wanted to be a writer as well because I loved reading so much. Over time the dream got pushed to the back of my mind and recently came back to the forefront.

    I hope to see your work on an airport bookshelf one day!

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