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10 Things I Love About Fall

There are so many things to like or love about Fall. In this post, I reveal what I like most about fall and why. My answers may not be what you might expect! (or they might– points for that if they are!)

College Football Saturdays

Alabama Football

As an only child, I started watching football with my father at a young age. Also, growing up in Alabama, college football was a huge deal throughout the state. This love of college football has stuck with me throughout my life.

When the end of summer comes, and the kickoff classic comes on, I get a charge. While I do enjoy attending college games, I can also stay at home and watch games from all over the country ALL DAY (if I have time which is not often enough!).

I would be remiss if I did not say it again, “ROLL TIDE!”

New Fall TV

I get excited when September rolls around. The season-ending cliff hangers typically pull me in! I want to know about what happened to Steve McGarrett (Hawaii 5-0) or Cookie and Lucius (Empire) or Annalise (How to Get Away with Murder) so the last week or so of September answers those questions. With my streaming service (Hulu Live) I can watch them on my own schedule – which may not be until weeks later. Win-win!

My Wedding Anniversary

When my husband and I decided to get married, I was determined to have our wedding in the fall. October 13th is the day we selected. I loved that it would be cooler but still not cold (in Atlanta), I wanted my bridesmaids to wear burgundy. I loved the changing of the leaves. The entire day was perfect (for a wedding!). And there was no major football game that I was keeping all our loved ones from! LOL

We will have been married for 18 years this October. This year, the fall has a special significance.

Chai Tea Lattes

A friend introduced me to Chai Tea lattes 20 years ago. They are divine. However, I can’t drink them in the summer – it’s too hot! Now that it is fall, I can drink them to my heart’s content.

Fall Clothes

I do love summer – you can wear cute shorts and dresses and sit on the beach in your bathing suit. However, I have always liked sweaters and coats and BOOTS!  Until I moved to Texas, I had only lived in places that had actual changes in seasons. So, I could wear coats, sweater dresses, boots – everything. You can wear that in Houston to but not for that long. And I get hot and itchy if the temperature is borderline sweater weather.

Fall Foods

Part of my love for fall foods is tied up with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with my family. But now, I have realized there are some fall foods that I can really get behind. I love sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Pumpkin is fun for about one month – by Christmas, I am done with it. I am even becoming more accepting of cauliflower now.

And the fruits, all the beautiful apples and the oranges. We have an orange tree that gives us hundreds of oranges in November and December. These oranges make fabulous juice.

Eating is good in the fall.

The Fall Scenery

The sky just seems more beautiful in the fall. The air is crisper. The trees are absolutely beautiful with all of the changes. Talking walks in the fall can be somewhat meditative.

The Green Bay Packers

I have enjoyed professional football since childhood as well.  I didn’t really have a team until I moved to Milwaukee for 3 years. That’s right, I’m a cheesehead! Green Bay Packers! When I moved there, a friend from Vanderbilt was going to play for the team so I got tickets to several games. Packers tickets are difficult to come by, so I was lucky. I loved the history and the atmosphere of Lambeau Field, and the fans, Twenty-five years later, I’m still a fan!

The World Series

things I love about fall

As a rule, I don’t watch baseball during the regular season – except when my son was playing Little League. But when the playoffs start, my interest increases. I may not watch each early playoff game in its entirety, but I will check-in.

However, during the World Series – I will watch each game. It doesn’t matter who’s playing.  Full disclosure, I live outside of Houston, so the Astros have been holding it down for the past few years. Maybe it’s a little easier to watch when your team is winning!

What I Love about Fall Season at High School

I loved high school when I was a student. My son is now in high school. The start of the school year in high school seems like a new chapter each year. Fall football (notice a theme?) and a chance to make each year better. New clubs to join, a change to fix your study habits, and make better grades. Each year offers new opportunities to be better. I mentally transfer that to my son – he doesn’t love school like I did.

What do you love about fall? Let me know in the comments!

Blogtober Day 5 is in the books!

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10 Things I Love About Fall

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