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4 Trick-or-Treating Alternatives

Not everyone wants to go trick-or-treating, whether you find it a safety hazard in your neighborhood, you don’t live somewhere that makes it convenient, or your family just wants to create a different tradition. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives you can consider.

Alternatives: Halloween-Themed Game Night

One great alternative you can try on Halloween is to have a fun game night. This involves putting together some different Halloween-themed games that the kids can play instead of going out trick-or-treating.

Mummy Wrap

All you need for this game is either a few rolls of toilet paper, some white fabric, or white crepe paper. For the Mummy Wrap game, take the group of people playing and split them up into two teams. One person on each team will be wrapped, and the others will wrap him or her. Set a timer and the team that manages to cover their mummy first wins the game. You can also add to it by having the mummy run to a finish line to win.

Bob For Apples

This is a fun apple-bobbing game, but with a twist. You are going to get a large bucket or bin to add the water and apples first. Use all green apples, except for one red apple. The red apple is going to be the ‘poison’ apple from the Evil Queen. Everyone playing is blindfolded and will be bobbing for apples. The twist is that the winner is the one who manages to get the poisoned red apple.

Skeleton Race

You can also play a little relay race in your backyard before it gets dark on Halloween. To make it themed for Halloween, you are going to have a skeleton race. What you are going to do is make two large skeletons with the same number of bones. They should fit on large pieces of cardboard. Two teams will need to run to the other side of the yard to grab one bone at a time, return it to the cardboard, and tape it up in the right spot. They keep going back and forth until the first team with a finished skeleton wins.

Pin the Wart

Here is an alternative to the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. You need a large printout of a witch. Tape it up on the wall or a door in your home and have kids try one at a time to pin (use tape) their printout of a wart onto the witch. Have the target by right on the tip of the witch’s nose. They will be blindfolded when trying to do this.

Candy and Games

If you decide to have a game night, try to have plenty of candy around the house so they can enjoy Halloween just as much as if they were going out for candy. You can even have candy-themed games, such as a Halloween piñata or giving out candy as a gift for winning certain games. There are plenty of different ways to do this. These parties can be fun alternatives.

Alternatives: Halloween TV Shows and Movies

This is good if you want more of a quiet night at home, such as if one of your kids is sick, or the weather is bad outside so you’re not able to do your typical trick-or-treating. You will find a wide range of television shows and movies for Halloween that is appropriate for kids of different ages.

Hocus Pocus

Since it came out in 1993, Hocus Pocus has become everyone’s favorite Halloween movie. It is fun to watch, not too scary, and family-friendly. The movie features three sisters who are witches and live in Salem. They come back centuries after their death when they get resurrected. An immortal black cat helps the young characters get rid of the witches for good and save everyone in town in the process.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

If you turn on the television on Halloween or anywhere near it, you are bound to find this television special somewhere. It is a Charlie Brown special that originally aired in 1966. It features Charlie Brown and friends who are getting ready to go trick-or-treating, while Linus spends the night in the pumpkin patch, because of a story about ‘The Great Pumpkin’.


If your kids are around 9 or 10 or older, Coraline is a great Halloween movie. It is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman, who wrote a scary book meant for children and teens. Coraline is an animated movie that came out in 2009, with imagery similar to Nightmare Before Christmas. It features an alternative world that is much more dangerous than she was expecting.

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

For the younger kids, there is a Halloween-themed Winnie the Pooh movie called Pooh’s Heffalump Movie. This takes place in the Hundred Acre Wood where it is Halloween and Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and the rest of the gang go on their regular adventures. This is great if you have babies or younger children since it can be something they are able to watch for Halloween while the older kids either watch it or play Halloween games in another room.


This is an older movie, and not necessarily a Halloween movie, but it is definitely one that is fun to watch during this season. Beetlejuice came out in 1988 and is one of Tim Burton’s first iconic movies. While it is somewhat of an exorcist and ghost movie, it isn’t too frightening. Older children and teens do love this movie a lot, though you might want to take a peek before you let younger kids watch it.

To go along with the movies, make some spooky treats and sit down to watch movies all night. These are only suggested movies; there are many other alternatives out there to check out.

Alternatives: Local Trunk-or-Treat Event

Another one of the fun alternatives you can do if you don’t want kids going door to door is to take them to a trunk-or-treat. Instead of going to people’s homes, this is an organized event, usually at a local church or other trustworthy organization. Everyone drives in their vehicles and opens up their trunk to hold bowls or bags of candy.

The kids get to go to each car, get their candy, then there is usually a party during or afterward the main event. This is a fun and safe way to spend Halloween with your family.

Alternatives: Create Fun Halloween Crafts

For the kids or teens that enjoy being creative, crafts are perfect. It is another of the alternatives available when the weather is too cold or rainy outside on Halloween, so going door to door would not be the best idea.

Instead, keep your kids interested in staying indoors by setting up some different craft stations inside. You can have regular pumpkins to carve or plastic pumpkins with pens and paint they can use to decorate them. You can make a big ‘pin the stem on the pumpkin’ for the door or do any number of other crafts.

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