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5 Ways to Be Kind to Your Partner

18 years. My husband and I just celebrated 18 years of marriage almost 2 weeks ago. We have always tried to be kind to each other so this post holds some importance for me.

Whether it’s a new relationship or you’ve been married or dating for years now, being kind to each other is vital if you want to maintain a healthy relationship. If you think your partner deserves some extra love but you don’t know how to show it, here are some simple ways you can be a better partner and show some more kindness.

1. Be a Kind Listener

This is particularly true if you’ve always been more of a talker than a listener. Being a talker isn’t necessarily a bad thing (a good thing since I am a talker!), and often falls naturally between two partners depending on who is more extroverted or introverted. However, you should always remember the fact that your partner could have things to talk about too. He or she might need a little nudge of encouragement to speak up.

2. Cook a Meal

It’s the simple things that matter. Meals out (or in) are normally something that people see as a thing that is more common in newer relationships. If you’ve been together a while and the hustle of life keeps you from sitting down to eat together, surprise your partner by cooking some of their favorite foods. You can plan a nice meal for the next available evening after work.

3. Book a Getaway

You don’t have to book a fancy expensive week-long trip in order to spend some quality time showing your partner how much they mean to you. You can book a one-day couples spa day, for example, or drive to a town or city fairly close by for the weekend. Decide based on what you know about your partner whether to keep it a surprise or to discuss your plans together.

4. Pay your Partner a Kind Compliment

Some of us feel awkward about giving out compliments, even to people we’ve known for a while. Others feel weird about receiving compliments, so you may have avoided it if your partner falls into this category. However, point out the next time you like something that your partner is wearing or something else that you like. It works really well when it is a bit of a surprise! You will be on your way to being a little kinder.

5. Ask ‘How Do You Feel?’

There are many questions which we hear often – ‘how are you?’ or ‘how was your day?’ are a couple of examples. Next time you speak to your partner, try delving a little deeper by asking ‘how do you feel about your day?’ or ‘how are you feeling at the moment?’

Again, life can prevent us from taking the time to check in like that. But framing questions slightly differently could also unlock a new level in your relationship when it comes to communication and sharing your feelings with each other. It’s just another opportunity to be kind to your significant other.

Being kind through these 5 activities could remind your partner how much you love and care for each other. Try to be kind!

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5 Ways to Be Kind to Your Partner


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