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End-of-Blogtober Post Round-Up

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The end of Blogtober 2019! My first one! Cheers to me for finishing it!

Cheers to everyone who finished or even started! The goal is to get writing, right?

I have included a list of all of my Blogtober posts for this October below. If you missed any, check them out!

Blogtober List of Posts

Blogtober Day 31:

Final Thoughts about Blogtober:

  1. I have been some really cool bloggers through this exercise. I might now have been exposed to them or their blogs.
  2. There are several blogs that I am going to continue to read after this exercise.
  3. I have learned some things about blogging and other topics from reading those blogs.
  4. Who knew there were some many blogging challenges? I have learned about other blogging challenges. I am not participating in another one yet. Maybe in the New Year??
  5. I proved to myself that I could do this.

Next up for me: 30 Thankful Days

Last year, I published a 30 Days of Thanks series in a Pinterest Community with mixed success. In light of that, I’m going to publish it again during November on this blog. In fact, there’ll also be a free Workbook that goes along with the posts that you can download. It’s a perfect time to look at all the things we should be grateful for.

Click here for the accompanying journal.

Loving Life — The Reboot!



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