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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Boyfriend

Buying gifts for your boyfriend might be a little difficult sometimes, depending on how long you’ve been dating. You might not want to spend a ton of money, and he might not have opened up to you enough yet for you to get a complete idea of what all hobbies and interests he has.

Even so, there are still plenty of good, reliable options that you can go with. If your boyfriend tends to style his facial hair or even just go clean-shaven, a new shaving kit could bring a lot of comfort to his life (and yours!).

Shaving Kits

Cheap shaving kits can lead to things like cuts or even infections, but a high-quality shaving cream with some aftershave can ensure that he can shave in absolute comfort. They even come in great scents like sandalwood for an added bonus.

A Winter Jacket

If your boyfriend doesn’t have a good jacket yet, that would be a great gift – especially for the winter. He might have a thin, cheap hoodie or something similar, but a thick, insulated, waterproof, stylish jacket is absolutely irreplaceable.

If you get something of good quality, it’ll be sure to last him a lifetime, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra for something that will last him years.



Rain Jacket


Your boyfriend might be an avid driver or car enthusiast, and if so, then a dashcam could make him that much safer on the road. Dashcams help catch other people who are at fault for accidents that might otherwise be ruled against him, and some can even detect and capture footage of people trying to break into his car. They’re fairly unnoticeable and easy to install, and you can pick one up at a pretty affordable price.

Vinyl Records and/or a Turntable

In recent years, vinyl has made a huge resurgence. If your boyfriend is a big fan of some older music, then a record player would be a great option. If he already has one, get him some vinyl records of his favorite bands, so he can listen to his favorite tracks in stunning quality.

Something a Little Different: A Beer Map

In some states, people take a lot of pride in the products made there. For beer fanatics, this is especially true. You can get your boyfriend a map of your state with indentations all over it to fit different beer caps, so he can fill it out with all different kinds of unique and interesting beers, especially ones from the different parts of that state. There are also maps of the US and other countries, as well as different items like a cactus, a motorcycle, and more!

Hopefully, this gift guide has given you some great ideas. Over the next few days, there will be more posts with more gift guides to check out.

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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Boyfriend
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