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Day 13: Thankful for Freedom of Expression

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On Day 13 of the 30 Thankful Days Challenge, we’ll spend some time feeling grateful for free speech.

Do you take for granted your right to express yourself freely, both in person and via online platforms?

Imagine a world where you weren’t permitted to express your real opinions.

Imagine if using a certain word or making a certain implication about your nation’s leaders resulted in imminent death, torture, or both.

It’s not pleasant to think about. But everyone is not as fortunate…

Power of Our Words on the Internet

Have you considered the vastly powerful tool that we have at our hands, which can be used for either the betterment or detriment of society?

It’s the internet, and it’s your choice what to do with this incredibly powerful tool that humans created.

How will you choose your freely spoken words wisely, on the internet?

Will you take advantage of the opportunity for free speech? Expressing your good thoughts, sharing the ideas of others, can be easily accomplished with a blog or social media page of your own.

What sorts of free thought will you fill up your pages with that you share with the entire world?

Today, give thanks for the freedoms granted to the citizens of the country where you reside.

Give thanks for the military servicemen and women who sacrificed their quality of life and even died for our right to free speech.

Day 13 JOURNAL EXERCISE: Practice free speech that does not insult or degrade others.

In the spirit of gratitude, why not make today about expressing yourself freely but in a way that does not promote hate or negativity?

Humans could stand to improve their word choices and increase awareness of others’ opinions, perspectives, and ideas.

Try opening up a discussion on social media that does not denigrate into exchanging insults or cutting down the ideas of other people.

Instead, why not have a conversation that lifts others up and acknowledges that there are many different ways to handle a problem, and more than one may have merit.

Remember that free speech does not need to include finger-pointing, blaming or name-calling.

Free Journal

This is the free Workbook that goes along with the posts that you can download. It’s a perfect time to look at all the things we should be grateful for. Click here for the free accompanying journal.

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Day 13: Thankful for Freedom of Expression

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