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Day 16: Thankful for Beautiful Music

On Day 16 of the 30 Days Thankful Challenge, we’re sharing our appreciation for great music. Welcome!

Are you a fan of music? The majority of people warm to some type of tune, be it a bluesy number, energetic pop song, country twang, rousing rap, or some other type.

Music is incredibly powerful. Humans use it to rouse emotion in each other.

Religious people rely heavily on music to evoke feelings and sentiments. People feel so strongly about it that they’ll electively choose a specific song or melody to represent themselves, their country, and their people.

Music lulls small children to sleep and enlivens old folks who want to avoid becoming sedentary. Some people who suffer from anxiety say that listening to tunes with their headphones on has a way of calming them down when needed.

Music’s Evolution

Music has evolved tremendously over the centuries. It likely all began with voices and crudely fashioned drums… a tribal beat, the bass line for all songs to come.

Humans eventually mastered the incredible art of many people all playing different instruments in one song, with many parts – a musical composition, a symphony. Absolutely astounding that we can even accomplish this. And music is a powerful lesson in what people can create when they work together.

Today, musicians are able to fuse different sounds – voices, melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and special effects – to create an intricate musical masterpiece using the power of technology.

If you’re ever in need of a lift in spirits or shift in mood, music will do it. Some people take an active role in creating music. Others just enjoy the melodies and harmonies created by others.

Day 16 JOURNAL EXERCISE: Appreciating Great Music

Do you play an instrument? What do you play? When are you most likely to be found tinkering with your favorite instrument?

Is there a piano or other type of instrument sitting, neglected in your home?

If you are fond of music, why not pursue lessons? It’s a great way to feel spiritually connected to the sensory world. And it beats just being a bystander in the world of song.

If you’re not interested in learning an instrument, that’s your prerogative. But if music impacts your life in some way, why not celebrate it?

Today, set aside a peaceful hour of your day to explore and enjoy the miraculous world of music!

Don’t be swept away by distractions. Silence your phone. Let your email inbox rest for a bit.

Now’s your chance to lose yourself in your favorite songs. Make a mix of favorites. Organize your music collection, taking the time to listen to a few favorites.

  • Name your top five all-time favorite albums. What is it about each one that moves you so?
  • Write down ten songs that evoke special memories for you. What do these songs make you think of? What emotions are aroused when hearing this music?

Find some new music to explore. Give a new tune a chance.

What did you observe about this unfamiliar style of music? Will you listen to it again?

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Day 16: Thankful for Beautiful Music


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