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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Husband

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Your husband is probably also one of your best friends. He’s someone that you can confide in, someone that you can appreciate, and someone who you love sincerely. During the holidays, you’re able to bundle all of that affection into the gifts that you choose to give him, so choosing the right one is important.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of good gifts to give to your husband.

For The Golf Aficionado (Real or Imagined)

If your husband is an avid golfer or looking to get into the game, there are many gifts you can buy him in this arena.

Is he just now getting into it? You can get him a good starting set of clubs. If he’s already pretty invested into it, you can get him fitted for new, more customized clubs. If he’s a serious, more advanced player, you can always opt for a more expensive particular club or something that might improve his game that he might not splurge on otherwise.

Tailored Suits of Your Husband

Your husband is likely going to be attending a few formal events over the course of your marriage, and you want him to look his best. If he doesn’t already have one, getting him a nice suit that’s sized properly can make a night and day difference.

A poorly made or poorly-sized suit can make someone look low brow, but a nice one can really turn some heads at events.

Some places to check out which vary in price range:

A Smartwatch

For the husband who’s a bit more on the active side, you should look into getting him a smartwatch.

These are all the rage nowadays, and with so many options available, you’re bound to find something that he’ll like. These watches have all kinds of functions, from simple step counting to sleep analysis. They’re a huge hit with anyone who likes staying in shape.

A Nice Wallet

A man’s wallet can get confusing sometimes. Over time, he’ll probably accumulate things like business cards or gift cards that just overcrowd his wallet. He also might have one that’s a bit on the cheaper end. By getting him a high-quality, slim leather wallet, you’re going to make his life a lot simpler, as well as a lot better looking when it comes to accessories.

A Grill for the Grillmaster

Finally, almost all husbands should have a good grill. If you don’t have one already, spring for a nice, big grill that he can cook up all kinds of stuff on. Along with the grill itself, you should also grab some of the necessary accessories, such as a spatula, brush cleaner, grill lighter, and so on.    

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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Husband

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