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Day 28: Thankful for Grandparents

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On day 29 of our 30 Days Thankful Challenge, we’re showing our gratitude for grandparents.


Do you remember your grandma or grandpa? Perhaps they’re still with you today.

Many people have fond recollections of Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house, spending holidays and special occasions with their parents’ parents.

Grandmas and grandpas were, and still are, the perfect people for a kid to enjoy simple pleasures and one-on-one time with. They’ve already lived a full and seasoned life, and yet somehow, they can be on the same wavelength as a young and curious child.

Grandparents Are Healthier

Today’s grandparents are livelier and more active than ever before. Life expectancy is longer than ever thanks to improvements in healthcare and self-care.

Why is this? Generally, seniors are now more aware of the necessity for a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise. They work out a the gym, eat their veggies, and take good care of themselves.

They also have their choice of activities and different types of therapy and medicines to keep them spry and active.

Because of all this, today’s kids can enjoy many more years making happy memories with grandmas and grandpas who are upbeat and up for anything!

  • Thanks to cataract surgery, grandmoms and granddads are still able to get behind the wheel to get from place to place.
  • Thanks to an increasing number of 50-and-over communities, grandparents can enjoy more free time and save their retirement dollars. Their homes are smaller and more efficient and the properties are easily managed without requiring a lot of labor and upkeep.

Ask any grandparent what’s so special about their role in their children’s children’s lives. They’ll tell you that now they get to have all the fun of spending time with the kids, without all the extra pressure of trying to raise them!

Day 28 JOURNAL EXERCISE: Give thanks for grandparents.


Are your grandparents still around?

Do your kids get to enjoy quality time with their grandparents at least a few times a month?

Grandparents get the added joy of being with your kids but not having to bring them up or teach them too much about being responsible.

If you have the opportunity to let grandma or grandpa babysit the kids, do you often take it? You well should!

Grandparents are a wonderful blessing to our children.

Today, spend some time writing out the ways that your children’s grandparents have helped make life extra fun and special for them.

Grandparents won’t be around forever. So enjoy them to the max while they’re here.

Next time you see them, let them know how much you appreciate them!

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Day 28: Thankful for Grandparents

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