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Cyber Monday Best Deals for 2019

When the Cyber Monday best deals for 2019 hit, you’re going to want to be prepared for any retail and online savings that will beat anything offered up to now. While there will be many stores offering these deals, if you’re looking online, you’re going to want to pay attention to four often shopped sites along with some others.

Those sites are Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart. These four sites may have cross-over deals and some of them do offer price matches. Some of the sales have started already and will extend through the weekend while others may add additional savings for Cyber Monday.

Home Theater on Cyber Monday

Some of the best deals on Cyber Monday will be items that pertain to home theater.

You can expect to find sales on projectors and soundbars as well as on some of the top-rated speakers. It looks like you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of different television brands and models for sale on Cyber Monday. Link to TV deals page

The most popular ones are going to the 4K and you’ll see lowered prices on the mid-range size all the way up to sizes that are fit for a home theater room.

Gaming Consoles

One of the most hoped-for items this year are gaming consoles.

These are great gifts for the little kids in your life as well as the big kids. Some of the consoles that will be on sale are the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. You may find some bundled sales with the consoles.

Computers and the Like

Laptops, computers, and tablets will show up in Cyber Monday best deals for 2019 and so will tablets. You can expect that Apple’s iPad Air might show up in the ads. You’ll want to keep an eye out to see if the Microsoft Surface Pro will be offered at a discount.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet may be on sale for the holidays. You can expect accessories to also make some of the best deals this year. Noise-canceling headphones like Cowin may make the list. You may find Sony and Bose on there as well.


Smartwatches are an in-demand item and you may find some at great savings on Cyber Monday. If you do find prices dropped for this category, they won’t last. If this year follows previous years, you can expect that Apple smartwatches will go on sale.


Your home and car security are important and Cyber Monday is the best time to get the items you want to protect your home and belongings. Look for deals on brands like Honeywell, Blink, Ring, and HeimVision. Sometimes with the Cyber Monday best deals for 2019, the security items will come as bundles or with extras, so you get even more for your money.

Other Sale Items

Some of the top-rated kitchen items that may show up in the ads are the robot vacuums and instant pots.

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Cyber Monday Best Deals for 2019

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