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Holiday Gift Guide: For Young Adults

Young adults are sometimes in a bit of a weird place in life. They’re out of high school, and they might be going to college, taking a gap year, attending a trade school, or any other number of things.

However, something consistent among young adults are their interests, for the most part. Many young adults share the same desires when it comes to gifts, making it a little easier to get something that they’ll probably like.

Warm Insulated Boots

If your young adult lives in a place where it gets a bit cold in the winter, some warm, insulated boots can make a huge difference. They might be a college student who just moved somewhere cold and doesn’t have all the essentials yet.

Don’t be afraid to get something nice, because they’ll last for years and years if they’re taken care of properly. As an added bonus, they tend to look pretty fashionable, too. This is an item they may need, but don’t invest in for themselves.

Yoga Essentials

They might be just starting to take fitness a bit more seriously than they did when they were teenagers. If so, then yoga can be a great place for them to start. Getting them some basics like a yoga mat, foam roller, or yoga ball can help them get started with a healthy, relaxing routine that they’ll love to do.

These can usually be bought pretty cheaply, so you won’t have to spend a ton on these gifts.

Adult Coloring Books

One recent trend that has captured the attention of many young adults are adult coloring books.

While it might seem a bit juvenile, they’re actually a pretty nice way to relax and decompress from the stress of adulthood and life. They have nice designs and sometimes funny messages in them that will be sure to be a hit with just about any young person.

Combine the gift with some good crayons or coloring pencils and you’ve got a solid idea.

Doorbell Camera

Your young adult might have just moved into a new area, and security could be a bit of a concern.

A doorbell camera senses movement at their door and streams the footage of it live to their phone. This can make it easy to see if a package is delivered, if a friend is there, or if something nefarious is going on – even if they’re not at home.

Virtual Reality Headset

Finally, for the tech enthusiast, a Virtual Reality (VR) headset is going to be a great option. There are different levels, depending on your price range. At the cheaper end, they use their phones along with certain apps to create the VR effect.

As you move up the price range, they become more complex and independent, all the way up to the ones made for VR video games. Many young adults love gaming as a way to entertain themselves during their downtime.

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Holiday Gift Guide: For Young Adults


  • Adriane Thompson

    This is such a hard age to buy for. Funny thing is, most of this is on my wish list for Christmas this year and i’m 36! LOL! Seriously, everything except for a doorbell camera, I want a nice web cam!

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    My niece would love that yoga ball. She recently got a gym membership and she is serious about staying fit. However, I do would like to have those adult coloring books! It is something I need to calm my mind during super hectic days.

  • Elena Toma

    The colored books are every nice, I have a few of them gifted by family or friends and I really love them. They really help me to deal with stress better, and take my mind from work.The doorbell camera is really a brilliant idea!

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