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3 Facts About Heart Disease

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February is American Heart Month. Friday, February 7th is Wear Red Day.  This month is a good time to learn more about heart health and perhaps take steps to improve yours if possible.

Heart health is a major focus for most people, and for good reason—it’s terrifying to think that something may be wrong with your ticker. Despite this awareness, many people have misconceptions about heart disease and their vulnerability to it. This article looks at some facts about heart disease that you should be aware of.

1. Heart Disease is a Leading Cause of Death

heart disease month

The reason some causes of heart disease, like high blood pressure, are known as silent killers, is because there are few side effects, but often detrimental consequences. It is not only a leading cause in men but women as well. Even simple changes can reduce your risk of heart disease, including eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

2. Many Conditions are Known as Heart Disease

heart disease month

One thing you should know is that heart disease is more of a blanket term for related medical conditions. These include congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, and heart attacks. While these diseases have a combination of different causes and side effects, you should take any and all of them seriously. If you have any reason to suspect you might have one of these forms of heart disease or if you have questions about your risk factors, talk to your doctor right away.

3. What is the Most Dangerous Form?

heart disease month

If you are wondering which of these heart diseases is the most common and the most dangerous, it is coronary artery disease. This is when your arteries get clogged from buildup, which can then lead to a heart attack. These heart attacks can range in severity from mild to fatal.


Moving forward, it is important that you have regular visits with your doctor to determine your health, get regular exercise, and eat a sensible diet.

heart disease month

Even if you follow these healthy lifestyle rules, you should also know that your genetics can play a role in whether or not you develop any of these forms of heart disease. You should still do what you can to reduce your risk regardless of whether you might be at high risk or not. It is still important to also see your doctor for regular checkups. You may need anything from medication that lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, to losing weight, managing your blood sugar levels (diabetes can contribute to heart disease), or even having certain types of surgical procedures.

You should always take your heart health seriously and not underestimate the potential dangers of heart disease, whether it means taking steps to avoid a heart attack or lifestyle changes if your doctor has diagnosed you with hypertension or other health issues.

There will be other articles about heart health during this month. Stay tuned!

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3 Facts About Heart Disease


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