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The Connection between Stress and Depression

Depression can be related to a lot of different mental health disorders, from anxiety to PTSD, but it also has a link with stress. Both conditions can significantly impact the presence and/or severity of the other condition. With all of the upheaval in our lives and the “social distancing” and financial uncertainty, more people may find themselves dealing with mental health issues. Here are some important things to know about this link between stress and depression.

Stress and Depression Are Related

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You should understand that stress and depression are very closely related. The reason they are linked is that both can cause an overactive response in your brain and body’s stress response mechanism. Not only does stress cause elevated amounts of cortisol to be produced, but depression can as well. Cortisol is a type of stress hormone, so this is what causes the feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. This is why having stress can lead to depression, and being depressed can lead to stress.

Stress is a Major Risk Factor and Trigger

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Also be aware that being stressed out is a big risk factor and trigger for depression. You might not have chronic depression where it seems to come around frequently. However, you may only get depressed when you are going through difficult times. People sometimes refer to this as ‘situational depression’, but it is more commonly related to stress. Stress is also a trigger for depression, so if you are already prone to depressive episodes, keeping your stress low is important.

You Need to Treat Both

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When you have two different mental health conditions at the same time, it is important to treat both of them. While some treatments overlap, they aren’t all exactly the same. While natural remedies like exercising and journaling are great for both, depression may also require medication from your doctor and/or talking to a therapist. Make sure you are really focusing on both your stress and depression so that you can stop this endless cycle of misery and helplessness.

Tips For Managing Stress

Since stress is a big trigger and risk factor for depression, it makes sense that you would want to try and avoid it in order to keep your symptoms from getting out of hand. There are many different ways to manage stress, from writing in a journal to taking a walk every day.

Many people are going through immense levels of stress right now because of the current situation. It is important to be aware of the relationship between stress and depression and seek help safely if needed. Take care of yourself!

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The Connection between Stress and Depression

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