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Start an Art Journal

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Journals come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Some people choose to keep a daily journal, while others prefer the gratitude or goal-setting journal. If you are turning to journaling as a way to express your creativity, art journaling is probably for you. Here are some tips for starting your first art journal.

Use a Sketchbook


The number one thing to remember is that this is not like a traditional journal. You are using mostly art supplies for your journal pages, which means you need a type of paper that can withstand chalk, acrylic paint, watercolors, and more. Find a sketchbook that allows for multi-media art pages. Watercolor takes a lot of water, so if you are using mainly watercolor paints, get a watercolor sketchbook.

Create with Multi-Media

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Art journals can become whatever you want them to be, but you are most likely going to use many different forms of media to create your pages. Many people purposely do art journals for visual and creative aspects. This means choosing any media or medium you like to use for creating, but also trying new things. Maybe you typically use watercolor but want to try out acrylics or just drawing with a pen. Maybe you are a sketch artist but want to learn how to use Gouache. This can all be done right in your art journal.

Paint or Color Your Letters

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When adding letters or words to the pages, consider using paint or colored pencils for them, as opposed to just writing them in pen. It makes it a lot of fun and really channels your inner creativity. Find different ways to write your letters, design them, add color or patterns to block letters, and so much more.

Include Printed Photographs


A lot of art journals also use pictures or photographs. Not just pictures you create yourself by drawing or painting them, but taking photographs and printing them to add to your journal, or just printing different images you find online that capture your mood or the design you are trying to get across on those art journal pages.

Be in a Mindful Headspace

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For your art journal to become a therapeutic process, try to get into a mindful state before you start creating. Art journaling is a wonderful way to express yourself, so by channeling what you are feeling and thinking at any given time, you can really explore that visually in your art journal.

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Start an Art Journal

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