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For Better Productivity, Theme Your Week

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Looking for tips to help boost your productivity? When setting up a daily routine, there are a lot of tips you can follow to maximize productivity.

One of the most popular tips right now is to theme your week. A fairly recent productivity tip, themed weeks are proving to be really effective. So, what does it mean to theme your week and how can you do it for maximum productivity?

What Does a Themed Week Mean?

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Themed weeks are a fairly new concept, but they are proving to be really effective. You basically give each day of the week a theme. You’ll then focus on tasks which match the theme on each given day.

So, for example you could decide that on Mondays you’re going to focus on any admin work you need to get done for your business. Then, on Tuesdays you could dedicate the time to focus on your products.

Themed weeks can also work well for stay-at-home moms. You can use them to stay on top of chores for example. It’s an easy productivity technique that can help you get a lot more done.

You can also dedicate time blocks to tasks which fit the day’s theme. This will further help to reduce procrastination. Having set times for when you want to get tasks completed will really help to keep you focused.

What Benefits Do They Deliver?

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So, what benefits can you expect when you theme your week? If done correctly, themed weeks can:

  • Boost productivity
  • Improve focus
  • Reduce stress
  • Grow your business
  • Better work and life balance

The most obvious benefit is that it really helps to boost productivity. When you know exactly what you need to do on each given day, it really boosts your focus. This allows you to get a lot more done than you would do if you didn’t have a set plan.

It can also really help to reduce stress. When you have long to-do lists it can become overwhelming. You don’t know where to start, and there’s the chance you’ll focus on the wrong tasks first. By setting up themed weeks, you can organize your tasks in order of importance. This allows you to tick off the timeliest tasks first, reducing the worry you feel about getting everything done.


Another great benefit of a themed week is that it can help you to grow your business. As You’ll manage to get a lot more done, it will free up time you can spend on growing the company. You could also use themed days to focus solely on business growth. Tasks could include marketing or improving your product range or services.

Finally, themed weeks can also help to give you a better work and life balance. You can schedule out time for both work and family commitments. You can also add in time that can be spent solely on yourself.

When you’re more productive, you’re going to get through your tasks much quicker. This will leave you with more time during the day to focus on other aspects of your life.

How to Theme Your Weeks

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So, now you know the benefits themed weeks can deliver, the question is how do you do it?

Start by establishing how many hours in the day you’ll be working. Then, think about the tasks you do on a frequent basis. Look at your list of tasks and see how you could separate them into themes.

Group your similar tasks together, then decide which days of the week you want to cover them. This is the most basic way to come up with themed weeks.

As you can see, themed weeks can have a lot of benefits in terms of productivity. Why not give it a try? With minimal effort, you could soon boost your productivity and develop a healthier work and life balance.  

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For Better Productivity, Theme Your Week


  • Bill

    Theme weeks seem like a great way to break out of a rut and get back on track. I have a hard time coming up with new content sometimes. I’ll have to give this try.

    • Dominique

      Especially now that we have a lot more time at home and we have more people looking for content. Let me know how it goes!

  • Ana Rose Roads and Pages

    It is important that we are productive because it boost our self confidence and it makes us satisfied. Planning of a schedule and sticking with the schedule is one great way to achieve productivity. Here, consistency will always be they key.

  • Gervin Khan

    Theme week sounds like a great idea in helping you to boost your productivity and focus in doing your everyday task. This will be good for everyone sometimes we need to do something to become more effective and productive.

  • katrina Kroeplin

    i def need this right now. i have been a bit lazy since we have all been forced to stay home. i mean i’m already home all the time but i’m more lazy now.

    • Dominique

      I understand. I am helping (or trying to anyway) my daughter with her school work. I am definitely having to work on my productivity!

  • Anna

    What an interesting read! I love the idea of giving each day of the week a theme and focusing on tasks that match! Will definitely give it a try!

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