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How to Have a Healthier Easter Dinner

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Easter dinner isn’t going to be the same this year. Most people won’t be congregating together at church or having big Easter dinners this year.

Social distancing and all.

But you may be having a small dinner for just your immediate family. Even with a scaled-down meal, you have some of the same family dinner constraints, where the main courses, appetizers, and desserts are often filled with fat, calories, carbs, and sugar. If you are trying to be healthier this — especially since we are all eating a lot at home — here are some tips to incorporate healthier ideas into your Easter dinner.

You will be able to start planning a healthier Easter dinner and eat the right portions with just a few tips and tricks.

Make Everything From Scratch for Easter

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This is a really simple trick that will help you make healthier meals simply by having more control over the ingredients. This isn’t as much as cutting back on fat and calories only, but just having healthier food. The less processed, packaged, and frozen ingredients you use in your meals, the healthier it is going to be overall. This will help to reduce the sodium amount, get rid of all those preservatives you don’t want your family to have, and help you control how much butter, cheese, and other fats go into the dishes. Plus, it can be a fun family activity your kids are able to help with.

Here are some healthier options to try out:

  • Use coconut oil or olive oil instead of butter
  • Cut the amount of cheese needed by half
  • Don’t use anything that is boxed or frozen
  • Use only low-sodium and low-sugar ingredients

Be Careful With Your Breads and Sides

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Another aspect of Easter dinner that tends to pack on the fat and calories is the side dishes and bread. If you are on a low-carb diet, keep in mind you can have a big family dinner without eating even a piece of bread or a starchy vegetable. Instead, have your fill of ham or turkey, deviled eggs, and vegetables. Just avoid vegetable sides with a cream-base, as this usually has more carbs. Skip the mashed potatoes and have a side salad or double veggies instead.

When you are preparing sides, follow the previous instructions by cutting back on butter, cheese, and other fattening ingredients. You can easily transform some of your favorite dishes to a healthier option by making garlic green beans instead of a cream-based green bean casserole and using sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.

Focus on Better Easter Dinner Portion Control

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Finally, you will need to work on portion control. With family dinners like Easter, you can eat a little of everything (within reason of course), but just watch how much you get. The thing you want to learn is what a proper portion is. For example, a 3-4 ounce piece of ham should fit into the palm of your hand. Try to have such a palm-sized portion of each dish, one deviled egg instead of two, and cut back on the butter on your roll.

Another trick with portion control is to look at your plate as you add food to it. What you want to do is have a little bit of space between each food item, then stop when you can’t fit anymore without food touching. This keeps you from piling it up and having too much to eat.

With these tips, you can modify your Easter meal and how you eat to be a healthier options. Enjoy it and your time with your family!

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How to Have a Healthier Easter Dinner

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