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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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Looking for a simple Mother’s Day gift? Gift ideas for your wife can be thoughtful, romantic, and inexpensive. No matter the cost, she will treasure them forever.

Sweet and Simple Flowers


If you don’t have a lot of extra cash, you can still make her day special by picking flowers if you can’t buy them, tying them together with a pretty ribbon, and writing her a poem to go with the flowers.


picnic gifts for your wife

You can arrange a picnic at her favorite outdoor spot where you prepare all of the food, take care of the packing and cleaning up, and give her the gift of time. All mothers appreciate this. They love to hear, “I’m taking care of everything. You just go relax.” You can manage to do this and maintain social distancing too.

Plant a Tree

plant a tree

Give your wife a rosebush you can plant or a special flowering tree. You can write a lovely note and tell her that your love for her grows as beautiful and as fragrant as the flowers.

Photo Memories

photo frame gifts for your wife

You can secretly take a picture of your wife with your children and have it framed.



Charm bracelets are special for all mothers. You can give her a charm bracelet with charms that show her interests as well as what delights her.

A Spa Day

Plan a relaxing bath for her – fill the bathroom with candles, sprinkle rose petals around, have some soft music on and take care of the kids so she can soak and relax. Give her a copy of her favorite novel or a new CD to listen to while she relaxes.

These are great simple options for a gift for your wife this Mother’s Day. This year will be a different type of celebration — the family may not be able to get together to meet this year because of the quarantine. If you are looking to keep it simple, these ideas would work well!

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Mother\'s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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