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Homeschooling: Success for Kids With Learning Challenges

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Children with learning challenges may find the e-learning environment to be especially difficult. With the Coronavirus pandemic raising stress levels on the whole, your best bet if dealing with kids who have a learning challenge is to be patient and try to reflect a calm demeanor.

Below find some basic coping skills to help you get through this trying time as a home schooling parent.

Keep an Eye on the Ball

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If your child was previously enrolled in a special program to help facilitate learning and move past difficult areas, you will want to initiate contact with teachers to be sure that the level of attention offered will continue. Reach out to teachers to make sure that the curriculum will support your child’s individual education program (IEP).

Be Diligent


Kids who are challenged academically may have trouble keeping up with their assigned tasks. This might means parents checking in daily via email to be sure the child is caught up with all work that is due, then following up after each assignment to be sure that all work was turned in on time and completed.

Exercise and fresh air

Every child needs playtime and outdoor time to work off energy so they can focus on school. But with kids who have trouble learning, this is especially important. If your child seems to be getting frustrated over schoolwork, don’t force the issue. Instead, offer a play break and a healthy snack. Return to the assignment after 30 minutes to an hour, and see if concentrate improves.

Continue medications

Many ADD/ADHD diagnosed students are able to increase focusing ability once they have been prescribed medications and begin taking them. If your child is taking medicine to help with attention and focus, now is not the time to slack off in giving their prescribed dose, even if the world seems to have been temporarily turned upside down as a result of Coronavirus.

Try supplements

There is growing evidence that certain supplements such as vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), magnesium, and omega-3 fish oil have a positive result for people with mood disorders, hyperactivity, learning challenges, and other neurological conditions. Talk to your child’s doctor for recommendations on supplements to try.

Be flexible

Each person is different and not everyone takes to the traditional academic format. As frustrated as you might be during this challenging time of a global pandemic, working one on one with your child might bring about opportunities to learn in a different and exciting new way.

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Homeschooling: Success for Kids With Learning Challenges

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