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How to Use Lists in Your Journal

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If you are getting stuck on what to write in your journal, why not embrace lists? These can be as short and brief or as detailed as you want. You make lists of virtually anything you can think of, whether you just want to get different ideas out of your head and into paper, or you want to keep track of something on your mind.

Take a look at these different lists you can keep in your journal.

Pros and Cons Lists

One of the best lists you can make in your journal that will bring a lot of value to your life is a pros and cons list. This is great when you are trying to make a decision, and really struggling with which direction to go. This works best when there are two options you are choosing from, such as two colleges, two jobs who want to hire you, or two places to live. Write down the pros and cons of each, or just the pros and cons of ONE big decision, and see if there are more pros or cons.

Gratitude Lists

If you haven’t heard by now, expressing gratitude in your journal will allow you to truly appreciate what you have in your life, instead of focusing on what you don’t have or wish you had. All you do with this type of list is write down everything you are grateful for. It can be a person who has made an impact in your life, someone who did you a favor or held a door open, things you have in your life like friends, a home, a stable job, and pets who you love and love you back. Anything that you are appreciative of can
make the list.

Favorite Memories and Moments in Your Life

You can also reflect in your journal by creating lists related to your favorite memories or certain moments in your life. This might be some of your fondest memories from your childhood, moments from school you don’t want to forget, or cherished memories of your grandmother who passed away. It is not only good to reflect on your life but to preserve these memories.

Goals and Tasks

For more list ideas, why not make a list of goals you have, or write down a goal, then make a list of the tasks you need to complete for that goal? You can be as brief or detailed as you want, but just writing down a list of things you want to accomplish in your life helps you see what really stands out, and what you can probably put on the backburner.

Bucket List Items


Lastly, you can make a quick list of your bucket list items, things you have never done that you would like to do someday. These aren’t necessarily goals or accomplishments, but experiences you want to have. It can be anything from traveling to Europe or going on a cruise, to buying a house or swimming in the ocean.

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