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Intro: Back-To-School Tips Series for 2020

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Back to school…

The thought of going back-to-school for the 2020 – 2021 school year is likely to cause a fair amount of anxiety for even the most chill of moms.

How can anyone who has kids and expects to keep working — either from home or in their workspace — handle all of the increased responsibility?

Moms (and some dads) will have to participate in homeschooling again. There will need to be a good mix of educational, gross and motor skill development, technological, artistic, and skill-building activities. Parents will also be expected to make sure their kids get enough fresh air and some socialization. And keep the kids from spending their entire day staring at a computer screen or playing video games. Additionally, they have to mitigate behavioral challenges and not sacrifice their children’s self-esteem while continuing to earn a living.

Oh, and let’s not forget mom’s already full chore list that she had prior to the crazy pandemic. This includes shopping for food and supplies as needed, making necessary doctor and dentist appointments, paying bills, and having clean clothes. Other tasks like keeping on top of the weather and — of course — preparing food are also on the list.

Finally, we’d be remiss to leave out keeping our homes clean and sanitized, which has gone from semi-important to a priority that tops the list.

This month, I will publish several posts with tips on getting ready for school — be it virtual, in person, or hybrid system. Hopefully, this will help you get both you and your children prepared for the different type of school that everyone will be facing.

First one about masks for kids will be posted on Friday.

Have a good week and stay safe!

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