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4 Reasons that Journaling is Good for Teens

Last week, I posted about Journaling for Kids. This week, we will look at journaling for teens.

There are many ways journaling can help someone, from finding clarity to expressing your emotions, but there are some unique advantages for pre-teens and teenagers. Here are some of the top benefits for teens who start using a journal on a daily basis.

It Improves Their Self-Esteem and Confidence

If there is one thing that most teens universally struggle with, it is their self-esteem. This sometimes start when they are younger, but typically starts around ages 12 or 13. Through journaling, they discover so much about themselves, including what might be causing the low self-esteem and ways to improve their confidence.

This is especially true with the use of positive thoughts, positive affirmations, and journal prompts about self-esteem and body confidence. If your teens struggle in this area, it is definitely worth looking into the right types of journal prompts.

Journaling Can Reduce Their Stress

Journaling has been known to reduce stress for people of all ages, including your teenagers. Through the act of writing out what you are thinking and how you are feeling, including what you might consider negative thoughts, it helps to get it out of your head. There is a type of freedom you feel when it is no longer consuming you. You might still think about it sometimes, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming and like it is taking up too much space in your head.

It Helps with Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be really powerful for your teenage kids, which is also a skill they can bring into adulthood. Mindfulness with journaling is really easy to do. Have your teenagers write about what they are currently thinking or feeling. Not what they were doing last week or earlier that day, and not what they plan to do tomorrow. Just focus on right now, this very moment as they are writing. This simple act gets them used to practicing mindfulness in such a basic way.

Self-Reflection for the Future

Among the many struggles of this age, is not knowing what you want to do with your life, and feeling pressured to make a decision. Self-reflection and seeking clarity is such an amazing benefit from journaling for teens.

In Conclusion

No matter what age your teens are, from 13 to 19, they are probably a little confused about their direction in life. What to study in college, whether they want to go to college, what type of job they want, where they want to live after they graduate, what will happen to their friendships and relationships, how life is going to change.

They can get the answers to all this and more just by using their journal. And these benefits can continue on as they age. Journaling for teens can start a useful habit for years to come.

Below are some journals on Amazon that I created for kids (mostly girls — I will have to design a cover or two for boys).

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4 Reasons that Journaling is Good for Teens

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