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Analysis: How to Pick Areas of Your Life to Reset

Life Reset. Previous posts have looked at the Reasons for a health goal reset and 4 signs you need a life reset. But where should you start?

Are you interested in looking at your life subjectively? The goal is to figure out what needs to be tweaked and what area of your life you need to on. That is often one of the first big questions. Here are some different areas of your life to consider working on.

Daily Habits and Routines

The first area of your life to focus on with a life reset is with your daily habits and routines. These are the things you do every day, whether in a certain order or when the opportunity arises. It can be a good time to figure out what part of your routine is still benefiting you, and what habits you want to add into your routine.

Become aware of what your habits are, both good and bad, and how they fit into your routine. Make some notes about how you might want to change your morning or nighttime routine to be more effective.

Your Small and Big Goals

The next thing you can do during a reset is to look at your goals, both big and small. Make a list of all the things you want to achieve, whether it is this month, this season, this year, or this lifetime. With each goal, really think about if it is still something you are passionate about, and what you are doing to work toward them.

Your Physical Health

Of course, thinking about your health is also really important, starting with your physical health. This includes what and how you eat, ensuring you get the proper nutrients, drinking plenty of water, and getting regular exercise.

If you have any doubts about your diet, health in general, or workout routine, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor.

Your Mental Health

After your physical health, make sure you are also focusing on your mental and emotional health during a life reset. From having heightened stress during this time of year, to dealing with worsened anxiety or a recent trauma, you need to make your own mental health a priority.

There are many ways you can nurture your emotional health, from at-home remedies like journaling, reading, and practicing self-care, to going to therapy or counseling. Typically, when you change one area of your life, like adding in more exercise, other parts of your life will improve as well.

Loving Life — The Reboot!


Analysis: How to Pick Areas of Your Life to Reset

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