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How to Have a Halloween Party 2020

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Oh 2020!

There is not one part of our lives that 2020 has not altered — and mostly for the worst! The month of October and the fun of Halloween (for those who celebrate it) is next in the path of the destructive whirlwind that has been this year! Halloween is in serious danger this year!

However, we are smart folk and have figured out ways to enjoy ourselves despite the may restrictions that the pandemic has presented. While traditional trick or treating has been essentially canceled in many places and large gatherings have been banned, there may be ways to have some Halloween celebrations — safely and socially distanced!

Today we look at some ideas for socially-distanced Halloween Parties!

A Virtual Party with Group Activities

We thought Zoom was the answer to all of our work issues. It can help with our Halloween partying as well!

Halloween Movie Watching Party

If you are using Zoom or some other meeting app, there are several options that you and your distant guest can do for entertainment. One thing is having a Halloween Movie Watching Party. Someone who is good with technology can set up screen sharing on Zoom so everyone can watch together.

Pick a movie or two that everyone wants to watch — classic Halloween fare like Halloween or Hocus Pocus or straight scary classics like Friday the 13th or Alien. The guests can wear costumes if desired. Get your popcorn and settle in!

Game Night

Is your crowd filled with gamers? You have a game night using Zoom. The games could be digital or in person. Use your game console to set up the multi-person gaming function. You can all also log into an online game together and play each other that way! Either way, everyone can play together and talk trash. That is the best part of playing games with your friends!

You can also simply play board or card games and share the sceen.

Craft Creation Halloween Party

Are you crafty? Enjoy making crafts? Have a craft creation party!

This is a great option for kids. Send out information about the crafts everyone will working on before the party so parents can gather the supplies. You can set up a menu that each person has to get for their home or if can be a free for all. The kids (or adults) can show their creations to each other through Zoom.

Halloween Costume Contest

This can be the end goal of a party or just a segment of your Zoom gathering. And you can still wear your costume — you know you spent a lot of time picking it out. Give out prizes for various categories — best DIY or most realistic or funniest — and make the prizes either virtual or actual. You may have to send prizes out later.

Also remember who is attending your virtual function. Don’t scare the kids!

Pumpkin Carving Content

Another fun party activity is Pumpkin carving. Same rules as the costume party apply here. If there are kids involved, make sure the knifework is being monitored closely by adults.

Outdoor in-Person Party…

Some people may want to have an in-person party. I am a bit leery but that’s me. If you decide to go this route, you should definitely have it outside. Everyine would have to wear masks (not just the costune masks either) and remain at least 6 feet apart for safety. Have plenty of hand sanitizer throughout the party area.

If there’s food and drink, it all needs to be in individually-wrapped packages. And any games or activities should be socially distanced games.

Safety is the key!

A Socially-Distanced Halloween Can Still Be Fun

While your Halloween will be different this year, it can still be fun and safe. You can still decorate your house inside and out. Despite everything, you can also make fun Halloween food — just may not be serving it to anyone but your family. You can put your own twist on these ideas and make your celebration a fun and memorable one.

Stay safe and follow CDC guidelines!

Next week: Socially distanced Trick-or-treat options

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How to Have a Halloween Party 2020


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