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Sunday Musings: Start of the Holiday Season


I hope you survived your Halloween celebration — whatever it looked like. Did you have any trick-or-treater going on in your neighborhood? We put up a sign to keep the kids from ringing our bell. But I didn’t see anyone walking outside at all.

A neighbor brought my daughter a little bag of Halloween candy — just to be neighborly. But our original plan to do a treasure hunt went up in smoke. My daughter had no interest in doing it — her brother wasn’t at home and she didn’t care about Halloween. I think it had something to do with the type of candy we had.

She had asked me for Reece’s cups and I bought them. Then she spent the two days prior to Halloween showing me pictures of candy corn and candy pumpkins. That’s what she wanted for her candy. Fickleness — I wasn’t buying any right then.

We can buy some on sale…

Season of Gratitude

With the start of November, the holidays start coming fast and furious until the end of the year. Then there is just everything that is going on in the world that we have to deal with. It may be difficult to get gratitude on the menu.

It may not seem like there is as much to be grateful for — many of us won’t be able to travel to see family, few big family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas… And New Year’s Celebrations! The season will be so weird for many of us. And our society is going through a really tough time…

But that’s the reason we have to make sure we work to find the joy and gratitude in our lives. Utilize technology to have a Zoom Thanksgiving gathering. Same for Christmas and the New Year. Keep a journal (more on that in future posts!) and write about what makes you happy in your life. Safely, go outside and enjoy the crisp air (or warm air depending on where you live)! Stay in touch with your friends. Meditate. Get enough rest…

Find the good…

Coming Up this Month

This month, I will be publishing posts on Healthy, Stress-free Holidays starting on November 16th and continuing through the rest of the year. It will also link to the Gratitude series that I ran last year. There will also be more Gift Guides, recipes, and more!

Check out my new Etsy Store as there will be more products added throughout the month!

Loving Life — The Reboot!


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