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Hygge: Warm Up Your Home With The Right Lighting

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A home that radiates the hygge vibe is definitely a home with soft, natural lighting. The right kind of light is crucial for a hygge home. Lighting can affect a person’s physiological state, evoke emotion, and change your mood. Studies have shown that certain types of artificial light, like bright fluorescent and LED, can cause vision and headache symptoms. Hygge lighting, however, is warm, intimate, and subtle. This type of lighting elicits feelings of safety, happiness, and coziness.

Using Firelight

Perfect hygge lighting is best achieved the old fashioned way – with fire. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, use it to create that homey, comfortable hygge atmosphere. If not, then candles will do just fine too.

Lighting a few well-placed candles around the room will create a similar mood. Be mindful of the color of your candles, as well as the color of the candle holder. Try to stay within the warmer color palette with natural colors such as greens, greys, yellows. whites and blues. Tea candle lanterns and other rustic, yet functional lighting decor accents also work well to produce the hygge vibe. Candles with natural smelling scents are a nice touch also. Scents such as cedar, vanilla, and sandalwood are pleasant, soothing, and can positively affect your mood, as well.

Use Soft Light

In addition to the hue of a natural flame, electric lighting can also add to your hygge inspired home. Soft, warm bulbs work best, as well as bulbs that are dimmable. Accent lighting is used frequently in hygge homes because they tend to be soft and less harsh than stronger, overhead lights might be. Edison style bulbs are also a popular choice of lighting, because not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they radiate a softer hue than a standard bulb does.

Manage the Mood with Lighting

Lighting plays a big role in a hygge home because the type of lighting present can make all the difference in mood. Warm, soft, intimate lighting, like one given off from a fire or candlelight, tends to make us feel comfortable, calm, cozy, and protected. It almost seems to warm us from the outside in – the epitome of hygge. Whereas, harsh, bright, overpowering lights can actually affect us negatively, with headaches and anxiety.

Strategic lightning has the power to make you and your home feel safe and comfortable.

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Hygge: Warm Up Your Home With The Right Lighting

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