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6 Ways to Have a Healthy New Year

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The new year is the perfect opportunity to develop healthy habits and add things to your routine for your physical and emotional health. Here are some easy ways to have the healthiest new year ever.

1. Take a Different Approach to New Years’ Resolutions

Before you do anything else, make sure you are approaching your new years’ resolutions in a healthy and realistic way. Instead of making the mistake of having these grand resolutions you feel like you couldn’t accomplish, set smaller and more attainable goals related to your health.

2. Consider What Went Wrong the Last Few Years

You have probably set other healthy new years’ resolutions or lifestyle changes, but they didn’t quite stick. Take some time to write out the reasons why you weren’t able to keep up with those health goals. Was it lack of time? Did you find that you were never fully prepared? Or was it that you chose goals that didn’t align with your lifestyle?

3. Make a List of Everything You Want to Change

Once you have done that, you can then make a list of the healthy habits or routines you would like to change, and WHY you want to change them. It is really important to focus on your intentions behind your choices, no matter how small or inconsequential they might seem.

4. Focus on Small Lifestyle Changes

Everything in your life is part of your routine and is going to have a significant impact on your physical or emotional health. Try to add healthy habits that can become a part of your lifestyle in the new year, but don’t require a lot of time and effort. Make your bed in the morning, drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, do yoga before bed. These are all good for you, and very easy to implement into your routine.

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5. Increase Your Movement and Activity

Regardless of what your health goals are this year, try to add more exercise and physical activity to your routine. Don’t think about it like a strict fitness regimen! Instead, add small amounts of activity you wouldn’t normally do, such as adding an extra days of physical chores like working in your garden, walking to the store instead of driving, or adding a short 5-10 minute Pilates session to your mornings.

6. Find Balance in Your Nutrition

Lastly, aim for balance in your nutrition, instead of a diet. So many people try to go on restrictive diets in the new year, and they almost never last. Instead, think of small changes you can make to what you eat that focuses more on proper nutrition.

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6 Ways to Have a Healthy New Year

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