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The Best Habits for Early Morning Hours

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While there is no such thing as a “perfect” morning routine, there are definitely some habits that can benefit you if you do them early in the morning before getting started with your day.

Waking Up Slowly and Naturally

Waking up slowly and naturally is not about not using an alarm clock and hoping your boy wakes up at the right time. Instead, it is more about allowing your mind and body a little time to start waking up, instead of jolting out of bed and stumbling directly to the coffee pot.

Take a few minutes to sit on your bed in the quiet and stretch, allow yourself some time to drink water in the morning before your coffee, and write in your journal or do something relaxing before you get dressed.

Focus on Yourself First

Choose a habit in the early morning that is for you, and only you. Put aside responsibilities for your spouse or kids, and think of something you don’t usually have time for. This might be writing a journal, listening to music, or reading a chapter in your book.

Another important habit for the early morning hours is to stay off your phone and social media. This can instantly put you into a state of stress, anxiety, or over-thinking. Even if you think it is innocent enough to check your email or see what notifications you have on Instagram, before you know it, you are stressing about something you read, and can’t really focus on anything else.

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Treat Your Body Right

Don’t forget about your physical health! A good early morning routine includes habits that are good for your physical body, like drinking water before caffeine, eating a healthy breakfast, and fitting in a little movement.

You don’t need a long morning routine with a difficult workout, just something to get your body moving. This not only is good for your physical health, but it tells your mind that your health is important right from the moment you wake up in the morning.

Set Your Intentions for the Day

Make sure you are setting your intentions for the day in the morning, whether that means looking at your to-do list, or writing down the tasks you want to complete. It is a simple habit to sit down and write down what your intentions are for the day, both in the tasks you need to get done and your schedule, and what mindset you want to have that day.

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The Best Habits for Early Morning Hours

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