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Why You Need to Write Down and Track Habits

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When you get into choosing new habits for your daily routines, one thing that can benefit you the most is writing everything down. But writing down what your habits are, choosing the actual routine, and keeping track of it can be very useful.

It Holds You Accountable

Writing down your habits and routines is going to hold you accountable. You know what they are, and can track each day you get them done. Even if you are just accountable to yourself, you will feel good about crossing them off each day and knowing you are keeping a promise to yourself. If you can tell others about it too, that adds more accountability, but it is completely optional.

You Can Plan Out Your Habits and Routines

When it comes to planning habits that are specifically meant to help you with accomplishing a goal, writing it down is crucial. It is close to impossible to complete a goal you haven’t worked out on paper. It is easy to get lost in your thoughts, miss important steps, or give up on it complete. Write everything down, from what the habit and goal is, to how you want to add it to your routine. The more detailed you are, the easier it is to make it part of your daily routine.

It Helps You Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is also really important, not just to keep you accountable, but because you can see if it has been beneficial for you or not. Write down a habit you are trying to implement, and where in your routine you plan to use it. Every day, write down that you completed that habit, and what your experience was. This can be done in just a few descriptive words. Over time, look back and see if you had a positive or negative experience.

Maybe you wanted to see if waking up an hour earlier would help you, but you discovered that it just becoming more difficult, and never really benefited you. That is how writing it down is going to make you more self-aware.

You Make Changes as Things Progress

If you find that a habit or routine is not benefiting you, then you are able to switch it up to something more effective. Write down an alternative, and then use your journal or notebook to start tracking the new habit.

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Why You Need to Write Down and Track Habits

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