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Tips for Selecting New Daily Routines You Will Stick to

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Do you find yourself caught in a cycle of starting a new routine with a bunch of new habits, then failing pretty soon after you begin? You are not a failure, and hope is not lost! All you need is a little tweaking to your routines in order to help them stick.

Analyze the Habits and Why You Are Including Them

If you don’t know why you are including a certain habit, you are not going to stick to it. Habit building should always start with the WHY. Begin by writing down the habits you are thinking about introducing into your routine, then next to each one, write about your reasons why. How will they benefit you? What are you hoping to gain? Then what is your main reason for choosing them? What was your inspiration?

From that, you can see which habits you are really passionate about, and which ones you just chose because you heard someone else doing it.

Choose Habits That Stack Well Together

Look at habits not as individual elements, but as routines. What habits can you put together, that complement each other instead of contradicting? You are looking at habits that flow in a routine, from one to the other. It’s going to be hard to have a morning routine where you have a habit of working in the first hour of your day, along with writing in your journal, going to the gym, and making breakfast all in a short period of time.

Find a better flow so that the habits happen one right after the other, and within the amount of time you have for that routine.

Stick to a Schedule

While your routine will soon become something you don’t even have to think about, it does help to have a schedule in the beginning. Think about how much time you have for your habits, and what time of day they fit in best. Some people might read in the morning, while others like reading in the evening after the kids are in bed. It is going to depend on your lifestyle and schedule, and in the beginning, you might even need reminders set on your phone.

Track and Reward

It is also useful to track what habits and routines you are adding to your life, and reward yourself when accomplishing them. This is great for bigger habits like waking up early every day, cooking more meals from home, or committing to a workout program. When you do the habit for a certain number of days in a row, reward yourself. That’s amazing progress!

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Tips for Selecting New Daily Routines You Will Stick to

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