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The Top Lists to Add to Your Planner

Whether you use a regular weekly or daily planner, a journal, or bullet journal, you probably have areas where you can compile lists. Lists allow you to not just organize your day and important events, but so many other areas of your life. Here are some of the best lists to include in your planner or bullet journal.

To-Do and Task Lists

You are not just going to make a to-do list for each day, but of long-term tasks and goals, things you have been putting off. Start with a master list of every single thing you have been needing to do. Include different categories of tasks, including those for work, stuff you have been procrastinating on, organizing or cleaning asks, phone calls you need to make, errands you need to run, really anything.

Once you have this big list, you can then break it up into categories so it is easier to keep track and create a schedule to get it all done.

Things to Do/Visit/Watch/Read

This is another great list because you can keep adding to it when you think of new things you would like to do. It is more for fun and not meant to feel like a chore. Make lists of movies or TV shows you want to watch, books you want to read, things you want to research, places you want to visit, activities or hobbies you want to try out.

Bucket List/Life Goals

Everyone should have a bucket list! It doesn’t have to be what you see on other people’s bucket lists that might take a long time or cost a lot of money. Make sure they are important to YOU and understand why they are priorities in your life. It is okay to get inspiration from other people’s bucket lists, but if those activities don’t spark a passion inside you, then they’re not important enough to you.

Gift Ideas

Start keeping a running list of gift ideas for birthdays and other special occasions. Whenever you see or think of something that would be great for a friend or loved one, write it down! This is so much more useful than you might think.

Home or Car Maintenance

This is something people often forget about until something breaks or their car gets worse. Make sure you keep up with regular maintenance of your car, your home, and anything else that is your responsibility.

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The Top Lists to Add to Your Planner

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