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Why You Need to List Your Most Important Tasks

If you are someone who likes to read self-improvement or personal development books, then you have probably heard the term MIT. These are your most important tasks, the ones you want to get done in the beginning of your day before focusing on anything else.

Here are some things to know about choosing your most important tasks, and why you need to get them done first.

Choose Your Most Significant Tasks as Your MITs

To start with, your most important tasks should be the ones that are most significant. These are the ones that will make the biggest difference in your success, reaching your goals, or completing your work for the day.

This is going to depend on what you do for work and what types of tasks you typically have. Think of your day as a series of tasks. Consider the ones that would be the most valuable to have done. Is there a task where you feel extremely motivated after you get it done? What about something that takes a bit more energy to get done? What task would be helpful to do before the others?

These Should Be Done First Thing

It is better to start your day with your MITs to get them out of the way. Add your most important tasks to your day’s to-do list, highlight or put them at the top of your list. Think of your day’s tasks as a menu of options. The MITs are what has to be done. The other tasks are there when you have time for them but aren’t quite as urgent as those MITs.

Choose Your MITs From Your Day’s To-Do List

You might have some days where your MITs are the same as the day before and days where they change. If you’re having trouble figuring the MITs out, just start with your day’s to-do list like you normally would. Then choose 2-3 tasks that you think should be done first.

You are bound to notice a few tasks that are more essential, either because they help with other tasks on your list, or because they are time-sensitive. It helps to make tasks related to a deadline your MITs, and work down the list from there.

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Why You Need to List Your Most Important Tasks

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