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Spring Cleaning for Your Soul, Day 3: Clear Away Worries

Hello, and it’s so good to have you here for Day 3 of our Spring Cleaning for the Soul Daily Challenge. On Day 3 of our illuminating series, we’ll talk about how worrying gets the best of us. We’ll also learn how to work through the stuck situation that is worrying.

Remember that spring is a season of change. If something like a perpetually worried mind has been holding you back from doing and being all the things you wish for, then use this time to clear out what’s been holding you back. Move on to a more purposeful, empowered and joyfully-in-the-moment mindset.

Do you identify with being a worrier? Worry holds us paralyzed in fear. When we’re stuck in a fearful place, we can’t move on to the next phase of our personal development.

Spring: Get Rid Of Worries

clear away worries

Spring is a time of growth. Think about nature personified. What would happen if, instead of doing its necessary and important work, the entire planet that we live on remained stuck in a fearful, worrisome place.

The mothers who worried about their children would never let them out to explore the world, learn from experiences and grow in their surroundings.

The people who worried about money would never take any risks that could potentially help them attract more abundance to their lives.

The folks who worried what people thought of them would never take chances and put their true, loving selves out there to share their joy with others.

What if the trees worried that if they make fruit, animals would come and take it away to eat?

What if the fish worried that the ocean might dry up?

Worrying holds us back from doing and being our true selves. So if you’re a chronic worrier, think of all you could do and be if you just learned to live in the moment instead of obsessing on the future.

Journal Exercise: Let Go of Worry.

For today’s journaling exercise, make a list of all the things that plague your worried mind. Write down:

  • What you worry about concerning your family.
  • Things you worry about relating to your job.
  • What’s happening in the world that worries you.

Next, write down what you would do if you weren’t so worried all the time. Recognize that your worries are simply your imagination running away from you. Worry saps you of being in the present moment. If something hasn’t happened yet, why worry about it?

Make a list of actions you can take should your worries manifest themselves. So for example, if you worry about getting sick, what steps can you take to help you and your family prevent sickness and heal quickly if you do fall ill?

Set Your Intention:

Now you have a clear picture of what you routinely worry about, and how to prevent these things from happening, or to fix them if they do.

Take action against the things that worry and perplex you. Now you can move on and enjoy a worry-free life.

Loving Life — The Reboot!


Spring Cleaning for Your Soul, Day 3: Clear Away Worries

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