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3 Reasons Your Energy May Be Wiped- That Most People Don’t Think Of

It’s Day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

There are some very obvious reasons people have low energy. Running out of steam and feeling blah is usually an indicator of an illness, injury, or being overextended. It makes sense when you are sick, hurt, or doing too much that your energy levels will fall. In these cases, rest, recovery, and taking some things off your plate can help you revive your energy.

There are also some less obvious reasons people have low energy. Believe it or not, low energy can happen when you are otherwise healthy, injury-free, and aren’t overwhelmed. Here’s how-

Reason #1: You aren’t living your best life

Living your best life is a cliché at the moment, but it’s worth paying attention to. If you aren’t setting and achieving milestones in your life, it can zap our energy. Underachievement can cause boredom, depression, anxiety, and a sense of what’s it all for, anyway? This lack of something to look forward to and work towards can actually drain your mental energy.

Remedy: Set some goals and go after them! Find something to work towards. Tackle that project, try that career shift, take on that new challenge. Do something to get excited about and you’ll generate energy to make it happen.

Reason #2: You aren’t hanging out with the right people

We are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. If the people surrounding you aren’t up to much, it can bring you down. People who complain, gossip, and aren’t happy can’t help but transfer their angst onto others. This can drain your energy and leave you feeling down and out.

Remedy: Assess your friendships and replace negative friends with positive and encouraging people. Find a tribe that is looking to do bigger and better things and you’ll revive your energy as you enjoy new activities and engage in positive relationships.

Reason #3: You’ve stunted your growth

Life’s meant to be an ongoing transformative experience. We are designed to be life-long learners. That means learning doesn’t end with your educational graduation. People who resist change and fail to learn and expand tend to feel worn out in an ever-changing world. It can feel tiresome trying to manage new situations with old ways of thinking.

Remedy: Make learning part of your everyday life. Take a class, read a book, watch a how-to video. Engage in a new activity, join a group, or find a pastime that you can get excited about. Low energy can be caused from boredom and a sense of being stagnant. Replace boredom with wide-eyed wonder and revive your energy by always learning something new.


People lose their energy in plenty of ways. While some are obvious, there are things zapping our energy that people don’t always think of. Combat low-energy by seeking to live your life to its fullest potential, surrounding yourself with high-quality people, and being a life-long learner.

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3 Reasons Your Energy May Be Wiped- That Most People Don’t Think Of


  • Nicki Sanders

    We usually think of sleep and food as reasons why our energy is low, but often times it is something internal that is draining us. I have to admit that #1 made me take a step back and reevaluate some things! Thank you.

  • April Hunt

    Great quick tips. I can absolutely relate to choosing who you spend time with. I can be in a room with certain people, and I am just DRAINED within minutes.

  • Martha

    Great energy tips! I am usually full of energy (I have to be to keep up with Lia LOL) I like #3 the best, when I try something new I get excited to make it work. I can see where boredom can sap a person’s energy.

  • Karin

    I love this! It’s so very true for sure! We have to evaluate where our energy sits and figure out what needs to change in our lives if we want to live our best life as you said!

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