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Bouncing Back from Setbacks- Steps to Regain Lost Energy

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Preserving your energy for your busy schedule is important. The goal is to generate and maintain enough energy to get through the day without feeling exhausted when your head hits the pillow.

Goals are great. But what happens when your energy is zapped, and a series of setbacks have you wondering if you’ll ever regain your energy?

Life is made up of seasons. Seasons when you feel like you have it all together. Seasons when life keeps handing you lemons and no matter how much lemonade you make, you can’t seem to stay on top of things. Relentless seasons of setbacks drain our energy and make us weary. It takes special attention to regain lost energy and recover, but it can be done.

Here is a step-by-step plan for regaining lost energy when you need to recover from life’s setbacks.

Step #1. Assess what’s going on

Like a triage team in the emergency room, it’s important to assess the situation, stop the bleeding, and secure the airway…metaphorically. When life is overwhelming and you need to regroup and rest, it’s important to assess what’s going on in this season that’s robbing your energy.

Step #2. Stop unnecessary activities

When you are going through a season of setbacks and your energy is gone, it’s important to stop doing anything that isn’t necessary for this season. This can mean changing your routine to accommodate the season you are in or temporality canceling activities that zap your energy.

Step #3. Make rest and health a priority

In the same way an injury or illness requires rest in order to heal, bouncing back from setbacks requires particular attention to health and wellness. Taking the time to reduce unnecessary activities to make room for rest helps. Eating the best foods and finding self-care activities will help rejuvenate your energy.

Step #4. Enlist the help of others

A lot of people suffer in silence. They become overwhelmed and in over their heads and tell no one. They hope that people will notice and offer to help. Or they avoid sharing their worries because they don’t know how to ask for help. If you need to recover from a season of setbacks, it’s right and proper to ask for help. Even letting people know that you need to check out and rest can help. Keeping the important people in your life in the loop about your need to regenerate your energy helps everyone stay on the same page. 

Things to consider

Some seasons are tougher than others and you may be going through things you can’t control. An illness, injury, or traumatic life event might be out of your control. I am very familiar with setbacks — I have a kidney transplant.

Times like this call for great courage and strength and though they are exhausting and energy-draining, they won’t last forever. Though you may not be able to do anything about them, hang in there and wait for the day when the pressure eases.


When your energy is so far gone that you consistently don’t have the ability to do life well, it’s time to take special action to refresh and regain your lost energy. Follow these steps and get your energy levels back where they belong.   

Loving Life — The Reboot!


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Bouncing Back from Setbacks- Steps to Regain Lost Energy


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