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Better Sleep Generates Better Energy

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Our bodies rely on sleep to recover from the day and get ready for a new day filled with activities and expectations. High-quality sleep ensures we get the rest we need to be ready, willing, and able to get up and do what needs to be done. The bottom line is, better sleep generates better energy.

There are plenty of reasons why people don’t get better sleep. Some are environmental, some physical, and others are emotional. Each of these reasons can negatively impact the quality and quantity of rest we get each night. It’s important to take steps to make sure sleep time is protected and given the priority it deserves.

Why don’t people get better sleep?

Expectations- There is a lot of pressure to meet the high expectations on our to do lists. A lot of the time, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get them all done. This means we stay up late or get up earlier than we should to try to stay on top of things. Too little sleep is a sacrifice people are willing to make because it seems responsible to be dependable and get things done, even at the expense of our energy and health.

Distractions- A lot of people are trying to sleep in environments that don’t support good sleep. From beds that aren’t comfortable, to rooms that are too hot and too noisy, there are plenty of distractions prohibiting better sleep. Additionally, people watch television and use their phones and tablets in bed which stimulate their minds rather than calm them. This distracts them from falling and staying asleep.

How can people get better sleep?

Routines- Creating a bedtime routine helps people get better sleep. Having a set bedtime, avoiding stimulants like caffein, screens, and other distractions helps. Following the same routine each night helps your body stay in rhythm and makes getting enough high-quality sleep easier than ever.

Comfort- Making sure the bedroom, bed, and bedding are all comfortable. It makes no sense to have a bedtime routine if the sleeping environment isn’t conducive to great sleep. Some people are highly sensitive to sound, light, and how their bedding and night clothes feel. Make sure the room is temperature controlled, free of distracting sounds, and all bedding and pajamas are comfortable.

Meditation- Turing our brains off isn’t always easy. Having a great bedtime routine, comfy clothes and bedding, and a screen-free bedtime doesn’t guarantee you’ll fall or stay asleep. Meditation or other forms of relaxation can help. Clearing your mind and training your brain stop overthinking can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. There are apps that can help if meditation is new to you or feels hard to do on your own.


Our body’s run better when we are fully rested. Doing what we can to get a great night’s sleep helps refresh and refuel for the new day. Find ways to create a bedtime routine, create a comfortable environment, and relax to give yourself the best shot at great sleep. 

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Better Sleep Generates Better Energy


  • Angie Vallejo

    Getting rid of a screen has been the hardest for me to stop in order to get good sleep! However, having a small fan running on my nightstand with some white noise has helped with falling asleep. This was an extra benefit, since the fan was originally for hot flashes! 🙂

  • Martha

    My problem is turning off my brain at night! I think of all sorts of things that I have to do the next day and it keeps running! There are times I can’t get to sleep until 2am but I funtion well on a few hours. I think I need to add some serious meditation in my nighttime routine.

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