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Routines that Maximize Time & Energy

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It’s Day 18 of the UBC.

The term running around like a chicken with your head cut off is a pretty graphic description, but it illustrates how easily we can run around despite not having our head on straight. Moving through the day without a plan can deplete energy really fast. Expending energy without maximizing your time and effort can leave you exhausted without having gotten much done.

Having routines can help you maximize your time and energy so you can meet the expectations of your busy life. Creating habits and routinely carrying out those habits can help you sustain your energy throughout the day. Here are some benefits of routines-

Routines create predictability for your family

It takes a lot of energy to move through the day without a plan. Running here and there and not knowing what’s coming next can be draining to your family. Children, and adults for that matter, do better when they know what’s going to happen next. Routines can help.

Having predictable events throughout the day can help your family gauge what’s coming and transition into changes with ease. Examples could be set times for waking and going to sleep. Set mealtimes. Set times for family time or free time. Each of these can help your family manage their energy and keep it stable.

Routines create order

Some routines help create an orderly nature to things. From having routines for chores, meal planning, family time, prepping for the next day, and more. Each routine makes it easier to get things done and you won’t be worn out tying up loose ends all the time.

Routines help your brain stay energized

Knowing what you need to do and how you are going to do it relieves your brain from having to exert too much energy. Brains solve problems and the more they need to solve, the harder they have to work. There’s only so much mental capacity for each day.  The more routines you have the less your brain has to think about which reserves energy.

Routines create less work

Doing things routinely generally creates order and less work overall. Having a routine and sticking to it can keep things from backing up and causing you to work harder. Routines not only help preserve energy, they help you stay on track saving you time.


Working smart is always better than working hard. It’s important to generate energy but it’s also important not to waste the energy once you’ve created it. Routines help you maximize your energy levels plus they give you a framework to save time too.

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Routines that Maximize Time & Energy


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