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If You Are Tired, Get Moving!

It’s Day 21 for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, There have been many ideas presented on how to get your energy levels up. today we look at some ways that exercise increases your energy levels.

One of the main reasons tired people stay tired is inactivity. It makes sense that feeling tired means you need rest. That’s certainly true if you’ve engaged in a lot of strenuous activity. People who work in labor intensive jobs often feel weary when they are off duty and should spend time resting and recovering between shifts. For everyone else, they need to get off the couch!

Laying around doesn’t always generate energy. It generates the habit of being sedentary. This habit can rob your energy and make you less inclined to get up and do something. Movement is a wonderful way to generate more energy and build the stamina to feel strong and capable all day long.

Movement builds muscle

The more you move, the stronger you become. It’s just a fact!  When you use your muscles, they develop and generate energy. Becoming more fit by getting off the couch and engaging in exercise is a great way to rev up your energy levels and help you build endurance and feel motivated.

Movement builds endurance

Movement builds endurance. Getting your blood pumping and generating muscle strength helps you go farther, faster, and longer each and every time. The more often you exercise the more energized you become. Over time you’ll find that you can stretch yourself farther and maintain consistent energy.

Movement builds motivation

Nothing compares to feeling confident and capable. Building stamina and having an easier time moving your body and staying energized can’t help but make you feel great. It feels good to know that you are capable of making it through the day without needing to sit and rest or take a nap. Being able to walk stairs or long distances without losing your breath is motivating. The stronger you become, the stronger you desire to be.

Start small and build up from there

You don’t have to go from couch to 5k, though it’s not impossible to do. Just start small and find a form of exercise you enjoy and feel motivated to participate in. Over time, expand your options and try new things. As your muscles and mindset develop you’ll see that you enjoy exercising and the energy it provides to get through your busy day.


It might seem like you need more rest when you feel tired, but if exercise isn’t part of your normal routine you could be robbing your body of the resource it needs to develop more energy. Get off the couch and discover how you can generate energy through movement.

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If You Are Tired, Get Moving!


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