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Energy Tips from Professional Athletes

Day 23 — 8 Days to go!

When you want to do something right, the best idea is to ask a pro. Professionals already know the top tips, key points, and fastest path to success. There’s no need to figure things out on your own when you can learn from someone who has already figured it out for you. Millions of dollars are spent each year digesting coaching, books, videos, and getting one-on-one education from people who already know what you want to learn. Tapping into those resources just makes sense.

Pro athletes are specimens of health and ability. They are finely tuned and have learned the most effective ways to generate, maintain and conserve energy. Following their advice just makes sense.  Here are some pro-tips from pro athletes that will help anyone conserve their energy.

Pro-Tip #1: Hydration is key

Being hydrated is key for generating, maintaining, and conserving energy. Drinking the right amount of fluid daily helps with stamina, digestion, circulation, transportation of important nutrients throughout the body. Drinking plenty of water before and after your workout helps you with performance, recovery, and conserving your energy.

Pro-Tip #2: Focus on one activity at a time

You might be able to run a 5k one day and barely walk a mile the next. Pro athletes focus on the activity they are engaged in at the moment and make the most of it considering what’s happening at the same time. You may have other things pulling at your health or mindset and may not always have the same stamina. Conserve your energy by focusing on each workout as its own. Don’t compare your workouts to one another.

Pro-Tip #3: Quality matters more than quantity

Whether it’s time in the gym, reps with the weights, distance on the track- quality matters more than quantity. If you lose form, strength, or drive, it makes more sense to do less of something done well than more of something done poorly. Give your workout the best you’ve got to conserve your energy. Pushing past your best is wasting your energy.

Pro-Tip #4: Listen to your body

Your body tells you what it needs. Water, rest, stretches, and more. Your body can alert you to what foods it needs or how far it can go when you push for more. Listen to your body and find the balance between expecting excellence and being kind. There’s a time to push and challenge yourself and a time to ease up and rest. Knowing which is a form of wisdom and maturity.


There’s no need to learn by trial and error when there are professionals out there ready and willing to share trade secrets to generate, keep, and conserve energy. Follow these pro-tips and watch your energy levels stay steady and consistent.

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Energy Tips from Professional Athletes


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