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Dance Parties: A Source of Extra Energy

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Day 30: Almost there in the Ultimate Blog Challenge…

Dancing is a fun and energizing activity for the entire family. You don’t have to have rhythm to enjoy dancing, anyone can do it! Your living room can easily double for a dance floor and there are plenty of resources for great music.

Dancing gets the blood pumping in an aerobic way. Raising your heartrate releases endorphins that help your mind and body feel great and revive itself. That means dancing can be great when-

  • You need to shake things up during the afternoon slump
  • Your kids need encouragement to get their wiggles out
  • You want to change the atmosphere in the house
  • You need to work through anger, sadness or other tough emotions

Dance Parties: Just Good Fun

There are a lot of reasons why a good dance party just makes sense.

There are no rules for a good dance party. All you need is music of your choice and space to move. Here are some fun ways to use a dance party and create outrageous energy-

Choose your music to suit your mood

You might want to blast gangsta rap one day and smooth jazz the next. Choose your music to reflect the type of energy you want to create. Music can change your mindset and help you create energy that will improve your mood and elevate your attitude.

Dance like no one is watching

Dancing is a form of self-expression. There’s no right or wrong way to dance. Don’t worry that you aren’t the best dancer, dance like no one is watching. Let your abandon run wild and get your hip hop on or twist and jump like a ballerina. All that matters is you move your body the way you like to the sort of music you love.

Making cleaning time, dancing time

Chores are relentless but they don’t have to be. Dancing it out while you sort the laundry is a great way to get the job done with enthusiasm. Playing music while you clean can help you get it done faster as your pace tends to match the tempo of the song.

Choose a theme and go all out

Engage your family in a dance party. Choose a theme and go all out. Wear clothes that match the theme and offer snacks and refreshments that make things fun. Try having an 80’s themed dance party complete with neon tie-dye, scrunchies, and lycra leggings. Blast Cyndi Lauper and the Go Go’s and you’re set.


Dancing is an excellent way to rev up your energy. If you’re feeling tired and need to perk up, dance it out for a song or two and feel your energy rise. Enjoy the right song at the right time and use dancing as a way to create outrageous energy.

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Dance Parties: A Source of Extra Energy


  • Jaime Brainerd

    Hi Dominique, great suggestions on how to get moving with different types of dance moves. I like to dance during laundry, cooking, cleaning, and gardening. I also go to weekly silent disco parties in the park where we rent headphones for a few hours and listen to three DJ’s spinning different kinds of music (EDM, Top 40, HipHop, Dance, etc). I have never taken a dance class, but that is something that I will look into when things start to open back up. Thank you for sharing.


    • Dominique

      I am jealous of the dance party in the park! I like the “silent” factor. I would enjoy attending one of those!

  • Martha

    This is great! My great granddaughter is all into dance! When she’s listening to music with her mom, it’s more Kid Cudi but when she’s listening to music with pop and me, it’s Blue Grass! She can dance to any music and loves it!

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