Black Tea Varieties to Try
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Black Tea Varieties to Try

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Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized than lighter teas such as white, green, and Oolong teas. This type of tea is darker and stronger than other teas and is generally believed to have originated in China. Now, black tea, beverages, and food products made from black tea are enjoyed worldwide.

Black teas are generally named after the region they come from and many regions have signature flavors that identify their teas. Regions generally include China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and others. Soe of these teas are listed below.

When most people think about black tea, they think about traditional beverages that are made from blended back teas. These beverages can be hot or cold and serve different purposes depending on the culture where they are served.

How Do You Drink Your Tea?

If you are in America:

IIn 2020, Americans consumed over 84 billion servings of tea. Eighty-four percent of that was black tea. In history, America invented the tea bag and made iced tea popular in 1904. Approximately 75-80% of tea consumed is iced tea.

Black tea is often the tea of choice for sweet and unsweetened tea. Generally, sweet tea is a southern American favorite. Brewed from black tea and mixed with sugar, this is a staple beverage of the southern states. From the Midwest to Western states, unsweetened tea is more common.

If you are in England:

Tea is a primary beverage in England. The presentation and the style of tea is tied to long-standing traditions and culture. Depending on the time of day, a different variety of black tea may be preferred.

Morning tea- Earl Grey and English Morning Teas are the norm.

Afternoon tea- English Afternoon Tea is a milder version of Morning tea.

Generally, English teas are accompanied by milk and sugar. In the past, afternoon tea, a meal with finger sandwiches, sweet pastries, cakes, and sometimes scones, were popular ways to enjoy your tea beverage. Today, afternoon teas are held mostly for special occasions or as a treat.

I had never participated in an afternoon tea until I visited Kenya — they had afternoon teas in the hotel lobby every day. The hotel we stayed in at Grand Cayman had afternoon tea as well. Some countries that used to be colonies of Britain still have them.

If you are in India:

People in India consume 15 times more tea than coffee. Most of the tea consumed like in Southern India is milk tea (tea with milk and sugar); however, in Hindi-speaking northern India, Masala chai is more popular.

Masala Chai tea is a blend of tea, native Indian spices, milk, and sweetener. This type of tea has become one of the most consumed tea in the world with Indians being the largest population of tea drinkers.

A Few Types of Black Tea

Most commercial teas are blends of teas from different places, As noted above, the flavors of single-origin teas are based on the differences in the terrains where they are grown. Here are a few.

India’s Assam Black Tea: This tea is grown in the Assam region in India, which produces 50% of the total tea in India. This tea is full-bodied and has a malty taste. This type of tea makes a good base for chai teas and goes well with milk and sugar.

India’s Darjeeling Black Tea: This tea grows in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India, Depending on the amount of processing/fermentation, these leaves can be black, oolong, or green teas. The black version is light, fruity, and floral.

Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Black Tea: This tea has a bold flavor. Most of this tea is orthodox meaning it was processed by hand,

China’s Keemun Black Tea: These black teas are known for their aromatic fragrance and mellow flavor. When brewed, this tea also creates a reddish-colored brew.

Africa’s Kenyan Black Tea: Kenya is the third largest tea producer in the world. These black teas are strong and smooth and hold up well as a chai tea.

Ways to Enjoy Your Tea

black tea

How do you take your tea? There are unlimited ways to enjoy black tea, try one or all and expand your tea drinking profile.

What Else Can You Do With Your Tea?

Black tea is a wonderful beverage and has so many options for preparation.

Explore these options and get a taste of what the world enjoys on a daily basis. Try using black tea in foods such as quick bread or muffins. Get creative and use tea in a sauce, soup, or stew. Use tea as brine or marinade. Experiment and play with all the possibilities and make black tea a staple in your life.


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Black Tea Varieties to Try


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