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Getting Squeezed: Resources for the Sandwich Generation

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Adulting is hard. Learning to be a parent is one thing, but taking on the responsibility of supporting your own parents… while parenting, is a lot. Even the most capable people find themselves in over their heads and overwhelmed by the pressure created by taking care of so many people. One of the biggest stressors is not knowing what resources for the sandwich generation are available to help ease the burden.

Thankfully, there are resources out there and with the right connections, people can reduce the level of stress and lighten the load.

Did you know? Did you know most people caring for elderly parents are still in the workforce?

Taking time off to care for aging parents can be a problem for employers and employees. While employers need their workforce on the job, employees could be losing benefits including contributions to their retirement when they are not at work. This can have an impact down the line when the employee needs their income during their retirement.

Here are some Important Resources for the Sandwich Generation

Resource: Multigenerational housing

More than one in ten adults is supporting a parent while parenting a child under 18 in their homes. More and more housing is being constructed for communal living. This makes it easier for families to support one another by living in close proximity.

Being independent is one of the most important elements of aging. Oftentimes family members resort to retirement communities and assisted living environments to help keep their families safe. Living in multi-generational housing helps keep families close without overcrowding and it makes things financially easier for everyone.

Resource: In-home care

Adult children with dependent parents spend an average of two or more hours per day providing care. This is twenty-one hours per week on top of full-time work. The personal care industry is becoming one of the largest as the elderly population begins to grow. Having someone to care for elderly parents in their home can make it possible to work and take care of children’s needs while helping parents stay independent and get support.

In-home care providers can manage a wide variety of tasks including housekeeping, meal prep, medication support, access to medical care, and more. Families shouldn’t have to choose between attending a child’s activity or taking their parent to the doctor when there is help available.

Resource: Support groups

Whether online or in-person finding a support system is important. There are groups that can help with moral support as well as share tips and resources that help people caring for their aging parents and children.

Did you know? Did you know there is another type of sandwich in the sandwich generation called the club sandwich?

Adults caring for their aging parents and their grandchildren are on the rise. This adds another dynamic to an already difficult situation. There are supports and resources for families raising their grandchildren while supporting their parents too.


You may be squeezed emotionally, financially, and literally while caring for your family. Thankfully there are resources available that can help. 

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Getting Squeezed: Resources for the Sandwich Generation


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