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Getting Back on Track: Find Your Creative Spark

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If you have been struggling with a creative block, it not only feels like you don’t have the inspiration to do something creative, but it can feel like your life has lost a big part of its spark. It’s important to get back on track with your creative endeavors in whatever way you can. That will help you find more fulfillment in your life.

Why Creative Burnout Hits You So Hard

For creative types, burnout can be especially difficult to deal with. Why is that? A big reason is that your creativity and artistic nature is often a considerable part of your identity. You feel close to it and like it is a big part of who you are.

When you stop feeling inspired to create, it isn’t just a creative block. It can feel like a part of you is missing. This makes it even more important to try and get back on track with your creative goals as quickly as possible.

Accept That You Got Off Track for a Reason

Before you can find your creative spark again, you need to be more accepting of why you got off track. Understand that it probably came from a very specific place. With creative projects, the challenges are often quite different than reaching other types of goals in your life.

It could be that you were struggling with other practical things in your life so your creativity was overpowered by stress. Your schedule or routine may have changed, or you just didn’t feel that desire to make something anymore. Understanding why you hit the creative block does wonders for switching it around and being able to create again.

Find Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Finding inspiration isn’t going to be the same every time. Thus, if you keep trying to find it in the same places, that might be where you are going wrong. Just because in the past, you tended to find inspiration listening to music or reading books, doesn’t mean that will work this time.

You might be in a completely different season of life now. It may require going outside and being in nature, visiting museums or art galleries, spending time with friends, or spending more time alone. Try different things, interrupt your own schedule, and see what sparks.

Explore New Ways to Be Creative

To get back on track with the creative part of your life, find new ways to be artistic or to create something. It can be something you haven’t done in a while or just a new way to look at things. If you are an artist, choose a different form of art. Or if you typically write novels, try writing short stories. If you put your creativity into your job as a graphic designer, try your hand at another form of digital art.

Get out there and do something new.

Loving Life — The Reboot!


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Getting Back on Track: Find Your Creative Spark


  • Samantha T

    HI Dominique, great post and suggestions. I have felt this way for a while because of the shutdowns last year. Even when things were getting better I was having a hard time trying to write (which is what I have always enjoyed doing). There was no thrill in it for a while. We couldn’t travel much so I felt that there wasn’t much to write about – that’s my niche. Rewriting or reworking old posts sometimes helped, other times it reminded me of what I’d rather be doing, traveling. However, these UBC challenges the last two times have really helped me get going again and I enjoy reading other people’s posts. I almost forgot the joy in that too. Glad to say, I am starting to enjoy traveling and writing again. Thanks for sharing these suggestions, especially the one about mixing it up. I will remember that if I started going in the funk again, lol.

  • Angie Vallejo

    More great ideas! Creativity is part of who you are, and sometimes you do go off track for a reason. For me, it may mean picking up an old craft for awhile — or cleaning out my office!

  • Martha

    I love your advice! I don’t usually get burnt out, I just keep going but for some reason this challenge has challenged me to stay on track. Thanks for the options!

  • Adira

    I appreciate that you point out how important it is to go back and look at where we as creatives went wrong. That simple mistake is the one thing I always struggle with.

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