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Make Your Own Mood Journal

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If you have been noticing that you find yourself easily triggered, falling into certain negative moods, or that you can’t seem to change your mood when you need to then you may need a mood journal. Mood journals can help you determine not only what put you in a certain mood, but also what to focus on to remove negativity from your life and reduce bad moods. If this sounds like something you want to do, here are some ways to create and use a mood journal in your daily routine.

What’s In a Mood Journal?

A mood journal can be set up in various ways. One way that people find that works well for them is to have a strip at the top of each daily page that has images of various faces. These faces range from a full smile to a full frown or even pain. This allows you to simply pick the emotion that you are experiencing at the time. That is the first step. Underneath this strip of faces can be other strips or just an area to write your thoughts on the mood you are having. Other strips that you can use are scales that show how happy or sad you are. You can also expand on these as you need to.

Why Would You Use a Mood Journal

Mood journals are ideal for moments in your day when you find yourself in an extreme mood. Most people start mood journals as a way to focus on why they may be sad, depressed, or feeling anxious and work through those issues. Many users of mood journals feel a rush from seeing their lives and their entries go from a negative extreme to a positive extreme over time.

How the Mood Journal Helps You

The mood journal helps you focus on you. That may sound odd, but if you are going
through an emotional or mood extreme, you may focus on the problem or emotion and
not on yourself. By writing down your thoughts and recognizing the emotion or mood
connected to them, you can help bring the focus back to you and making your life a bit
better from the journal entries and routine.


Mood journals are similar to trigger journals in the sense that both are done at the time
of the emotion. This means they should be an option that is easy to take with you and
easy to use when you need to journal. Keep that in mind when creating your mood

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Make Your Own Mood Journal


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