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20 Years of Marriage: Our Trip to Cabo

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My husband and I have been married 20 years today.

It’s been a fun, crazy ride and I wouldn’t trade any of it. I am looking forward to the next 20+!

Trip to Cabo

We started the celebration in Cabo last month! It was a free trip through one of my husband’s entrepreneurial opportunities. With the pandemic still going on, we planned to stay in place and not leave the resort much. Just relaxing by the pool or on the beach…

We were also told that we would have to take a COVID test 2 days before departure since you have to have a negative test within 72 hours of your return to the US. That reinforced our plan to avoid crowds — if one of us had tested positive, that person would have to stay at the resort until we had a negative test. That part of the stay would be on OUR dime…

The Flight

The actual flight was uneventful but leading up to the flight was rather stressful.

We boarded the plane but we didn’t take off — or move — for a while. Finally, the pilot said there was a problem with the plane (eek!) and eventually, we had to deplane and wait for another plane to be rustled up for us to use.

Finally (almost 4 hours later), we took off. About halfway through the trip, three women in front of us began arguing loudly. It was just about kicking a chair back. Then the flight attendant got involved and dropped the threat of flight diversion which seemed to strike fear in everyone’s heart except for the fighters. I think the flight attendant mentioned that the other passengers might take offense to landing in some random place. That seemed to calm them down.

So on to Cabo…

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos

We stayed at the Garza Blanca Resort and Spa. This resort is only about 1 year old. There are 6 restaurants on-site which made it easier for us not to leave the property! We were on the all-inclusive plan so we planned to visit several of the restaurants and avail ourselves of room service.

All-inclusive is a beautiful thing!

The first night was straight room service. After the struggles at the airport, we were not interested in walking around the resort.

For the rest of our stay, breakfast was room service. I love room service. I must remember that for any other vacation in the future…

The Trip


Sunday was a day of sitting on the beach. My hubby was supposed to go deep-sea fishing that morning but his plans fell through. He managed to schedule another expedition for Tuesday morning.

We had lunch at the Food Truck which is one of the restaurants on-site. They, of course, serve fish tacos so the husband was ecstatic!

The sounds of the ocean

There was a sign that said that entering the water was not advisable. The ocean looked quiet but my husband can attest that the waves were a lot stronger than they looked. He waded in a bit and got knocked down a few times. I didn’t try — I continued to sit peacefully on the beach.

Dinner at Blanca Blue, the onsite Mexican Restaurant. The cuisine was a mixture of classic Mexican dishes from all over the country and their own contemporary innovations


Monday, we had to get our COVID test so we could have it for departure. The results were supposed to come back by 5 pm that day. Did they? No. It was a little nerve-wracking. I didn’t think either of us would test positive but the prospect of having to stay for up to 10 days didn’t sound appealing. We would have to arrange longer-term care for our daughter, etc. It didn’t matter how lovely the resort was…

My husband had a few phone calls to make so he returned to the room. I stayed in the pool area and read. The resort had 8 different pools with different styles — one for kids, one for sports, a pool for kids, one infinity pool on the roof, and more.

I cranked through 4 books. I had nothing left to read on the return trip!

By the pool

Monday night, we went to the steakhouse, BocaDos Steak House. They create their own dry-aged meat. I am not a big steak eater but my husband dug in. He noted that it was pretty tasty. He usually only eats steak once or twice a year himself.

We told the waiter that it was our anniversary trip so they gave us this at dinner.


Tuesday was the “I can’t believe we are leaving tomorrow” day. It was finally time for his fishing trip. I am allergic to fish so there was no shot that I was going to go!

He caught several fish but threw them back…

Again more chilling by one of the pools. I saw the horses on the beach which reminded me of an unfortunate incident during our honeymoon in Mexico. In Puerto Vallarta, I had a bad experience with a horse named Pico, These horses looked nicer but I wasn’t going to give it a try…

I finally made it up the roof to see the last pool that I hadn’t seen yet. The restaurant and pool are adults-only. If we had more time…

This is the Rooftop Pool and Bar, one of the 6 restaurants at Garza Blanca. We didn’t get to eat here but I definitely need to visit the infinity pool on our next visit.

All morning, we had continued to check the front desk to see if our COVID results were in. They came in the early afternoon — both negative. Hurray!

That night we returned to Blanca Boca.

Wednesday, we returned to the United States. The flight home was not as eventful as the one down there. Our house, nanny, and daughter were all in one piece.


I really liked Garza Blanca — they even had a heated bidet toilet in the bathroom. Mind you, I didn’t enjoy the bidet part (yes, I had to try it) but the toilet seat was warm all the time!

It was a really nice place to relax and celebrate 20 years. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. To just be… Maybe we will go back for our 40th anniversary!

Acutal Anniversary Date

We are planning to celebrate on the Saturday after our anniversary. Here’s to our first 20 years!

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