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Halloween Games for Kids

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When I was a kid, we had a Halloween Carnival at our elementary school every year. Each homeroom held a different spooky activity and during the week before the carnival, we the students worked to decorate the room and gather whatever was needed for our particular game.

There were cake walk rooms with cakes, pies, and dozens of Krispy Creme Donuts up for grabs. There were rooms for bobbing for apples, fishing for goldfish, musical chairs, and more.

But the best rooms were the haunted house rooms. If that was our theme, we spent the week before creating the various scares in the room — peeled grapes, white sheets with holes in them to make ghosts, spaghetti for brains or intestines… The lights were low, there was spooky music and sounds all around. The classroom teacher was often dressed as something scary with a couple of students helping to maintain the ambiance. There were no prizes but those haunted rooms were the most popular each year.

I was reminded of that experience this week. You can duplicate the basic gist of the haunted room with this game.

Feel and Guess Game

First, blindfold the child or without the child looking, have the child touch or taste each item.

You can either have them guess what they think the object feels like or have them guess what the item actually is. It would be best to give the participants a list of items like eyeballs, fingernails, etc. so they can write a number by the matching item.

Remember the children will often yell out answers and sometimes there may be more than one answer.

Here are some items to use:

  • Peeled or frozen grapes: Eyeballs or frog eggs
  • Spaghetti or spiral pasta: Brains
  • Yogurt: Slime
  • Potato chips or almond slices: Fingernails
  • V-8 juice: Blood
  • Gummy worms: Earthworms
  • Sunflower Seeds: Witch’s Teeth
  • Fruit rollups cut in strips: Old band aids
  • Ham Cubes: Cutoff fingertips
  • Bell peppers cut in strips: Witches’ skinny fingers
  • Raisins: Shriveled spiders or boogers
  • Smashed mini wheat: Eyelashes
  • Pretzel rods or sticks: Bones
  • Halved tomatoes or bell pepper: Heart
  • Sausage links or hot dogs: Intestines
  • Cooked chicken breast: Liver
  • Thin round cheese slices: Pieces of skin
  • Peeled grapes: Eyeballs
  • Pepperoni slices: Scabs

Sounds a little gross, right? We loved it as children. If you are having a kids’ party, this may be something to consider.

Note: If you do play this game, consider how you are going to keep everyone from passing germs between each other. Lots of hand sanitizer is one option. OR a lot of handwashing. Just something to think about.

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*This post is just about Halloween ideas. I am not suggesting that you and your family go trick-or-treating or have any parties. Following the safety rules of the CDC or of your local jurisdiction is the most important.

Halloween Games for Kids

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