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Essential Oils: Vanilla Pumpkin Diffuser Blend

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If you love pumpkin pie, then you’ll appreciate this aromatherapy diffuser blend that contains all the secret ingredients that make this traditional American Thanksgiving dessert so delicious. But instead of consuming the calories, you get to breathe in your pie. Some say that pumpkin pie spice is an aphrodisiac. The science seems to support this, so diffuse this warming blend when you want to heat things up.

A crackling fire, cozy pumpkin spice… now that’s nice!

Vanilla Oil Healing Properties

fall diffuser blend

Amazing, intoxicating vanilla is more than just a yummy addition to your homemade baked goods. Its health benefits go far beyond the pleasant olfactory sensation you get when wearing your favorite vanilla musk perfume. Vanilla has an incredible ability to heal and restore, and the natural essential oil of this plant is no exception. We can certainly make use of this when we sniff delicious vanilla essential oil through our aromatherapy diffusers, naturally scented candles, and other means of sensory enjoyment.

Vanilla scored extremely high in scientific studies designed to measure its antioxidant properties. It is officially classified as a powerful anti-cancer and free-radical fighter.

Vanilla has been successfully used as a home remedy to raise libido levels. It also can work as an aphrodisiac by stimulating the endocrine system and increasing hormonal activity.

Vanilla oil can also be inhaled to help reduce inflammation. For various reasons, including imbalance, overactive stress response, and possible sluggish liver and/or kidneys, many people suffer from an overactive inflammatory response.

Diffusing vanilla on a regular basis is one way to utilize its restorative properties to help return the body to a healthy state of balance and a properly functioning immune system.

Ginger Essential Oil for Health

fall diffuser blend

Did you know that ginger oil is known as the “empowerment oil” for the confident feeling that it is induces upon inhalation? This magical plant has been used for centuries for cooking and medicinal purposes. Best known as a digestive aid, ginger root is a mainstay in many Asian and Indian recipes.

In addition, ginger oil can be used for pain-relieving purposes. If you’re experiencing a headache that you’d like to cure quickly without over-the-counter painkillers, you can try this natural remedy. It can return your entire body to a balanced state.

Ginger oil, along with the other warming spices, cinnamon and nutmeg, has powerful healing properties. If you’d like to give your body a full cleanse to help improve digestion, make ginger oil a regular part of your diet, your aromatherapy, and skin care applications. NOTE: If you choose to supplement with ginger oil, purchase the herb in pill or tincture form. Essential oils that are used for aromatherapy purposes are not meant to be consumed.

Another health benefit of ginger oil: it’s known to be anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, digestive upsets, or aching joints, consider diffusing ginger along with other, healing essential oils. You can also add ginger oil to your homemade skin care recipes. Just be sure to use this and other warming essential oils sparingly. Some can be caustic. Check the labels or do a patch test on your wrist before adding to your mixes.

I have small write ups about Clove Oil and Cinammon OIl on this page.

Vanilla Pumpkin Diffuser Bend

fall diffuser blend

To your essential oils diffuser, add:

About 6 oz. of distilled water

  • 3 drops ginger oil
  • and 3 drops clove oil
  • 3 drops vanilla oil
  • and 3 drops cinnamon oil

Just thinking about this combination makes me think of holidays with my family when I was a child. Give it a try!

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Essential Oils: Vanilla Pumpkin Diffuser Blend

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