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How to Set Up a Journaling Sanctuary

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Do you want to start writing in your journal more often and make it part of your daily routine? If so, having a little journaling sanctuary is a great way to start! This article will help you get it set up and encourage you to make journaling part of your daily life.

What is a Journaling Sanctuary?

First, let’s talk a little about what this actually is. A journaling sanctuary is any area where you tend to do journaling the most. While many people will just write on the couch or bed – and there is nothing wrong with that – you can get more into it when you have a dedicated space.

This does NOT need to be an area ONLY used for journaling of course. If you have a table or desk in your home with room for some journaling supplies, that is really all you need.

What makes it a sanctuary is that you set it up as the perfect environment for journaling, whether that means having all your supplies ready, to being an area of your home that is private and peaceful.

Choosing the Perfect Location

set up a journaling sanctuary

The first decision to make is where you want to put the journaling sanctuary. Really think about what happens while you journal. Where do you struggle right now? Is it a lack of space for your supplies? Do you feel like your journaling isn’t private or quiet enough? Maybe it is in an area of your home not fully decorated? A lot of times, very small things matter.

For example, if you journal at your kitchen table, it is not only probably noisy from nearby family members, but it might not inspire you in that location. Where moving it to a little table set up in your bedroom might be quieter and have the more peaceful ambiance you are looking for to really focus on your journaling.

What to Include in Your Journaling Area

set up a journaling sanctuary

Once you have decided on the location, here are some things that you might want to include (or make room for):

A desk or table area, with a comfortable chair. Start by choosing furniture that works well both for the space and your journaling practice. This might be a small writing desk, your office desk with a journaling area, or even your dining room table. It helps to have at least one section of the desk or table dedicated to your journaling.

The journal and writing utensils. You of course want to put your journal here! If you use more than one journal, find a good way to display or store them all in this one sanctuary area. Choose some different writing utensils, as you might want to sometimes use a pen, pencil, or even artistic supplies.

Other journaling supplies. Many people find this to be a good place to have their art supplies as well. Whether you like to doodle in your journal, color, or even have a bullet journal, it’s fun to have stickers, stencils, colored pencils, Washi tape, and embellishments.

Ambiance.  Lastly, consider adding some ambiance to the area, such as with candles or essential oil diffuser, soft lighting, and maybe some inspirational artwork in front of you to look at.

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How to Set Up a Journaling Sanctuary

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