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Gifts for Teens

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Shopping for teens is even harder than shopping for young kids. With teens, it’s almost always about the trends and keeping up with what’s most current. In that regard, many gifts for teens can be expensive (and many teens want them to be!), but they don’t all have to be.

The Latest Smartphone

First, there are the obvious gifts that teens want. For example, the latest smartphone. Teens and adults alike are spending an enormous amount of time on their smartphones, so if theirs is a few years out of date, a new one would be a great change.

A New Laptop

There’s also the matter of a new laptop. Laptops can get outdated pretty quickly, unfortunately. Seeing as laptops are used very frequently for work, school, and college, getting your teen a top-of-the-line laptop would be a sound investment.

When you’re shopping for a laptop, one thing you should look for is one with an SSD. This is a type of storage device, and it allows the computer to boot very quickly, so it’s less likely to get bogged down and slow them down.

These gifts are pretty expensive, though, but fortunately, there are cheaper options that can still appeal very well to teenagers everywhere. For example, new decorations for their room.

Room Decor

Younger and older teenagers both like getting new decorations because they like to feel older by updating the look of their room. A great and easy way to do that is with an LED light strip around their room.

These adhesive light strips are pretty inexpensive, but they work well and are remote-controlled. They allow your teen to choose between whatever different colors they want to use, so they can adjust the lights to fit their mood.

A Mini-Fridge

As you probably know, many teens prefer to be isolated in their room a good bit of the time. A mini-fridge would be a great gift for them so that they can keep some snacks and beverages cool without having to take up space in the kitchen and without having to go out and get them.

Ceiling or Wall Projectors

Some teens have taken a liking to ceiling or wall projectors. Not the type of projectors that come out of the ceiling, but the ones that project patterns like stars up onto it from below. These give off great patterns and can really change the look of a room.

Wall Decor

Many different kinds of wall art are popular with teens right now. In some cases, it’s collages of photographs to give a room a certain kind of aesthetic, and in others, it’s based on interesting designs.

Tapestries are another popular form of wall art. They’re available in tons of different designs and are essentially like cloth posters that get tacked up onto the wall. They tend to cover large areas and show off neat patterns.

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Gifts for Teens


  • Roy A Ackerman, PhD EA

    We considered computers/laptops essentials- and were therfore never gifts. And I will say my kids- when they were teenagers (a lifetime ago) would have loved your choices.
    And, here’s a hint- your adult chidlren will pose a much more substantial challenge.

  • Tamara

    Guess what! Our teenager got a new phone 18 months ago, and a new notebook for his birthday this September.
    I’ll have to explore the Northern Lights Aurora Projector for myself!! How awesome would that be?

  • Martha

    What a super list of ideas! I’m actually looking for a laptop for my g-granddaughter so she can start doing some home schooling before she starts Kindergarden in 2 years. Some of you ideas are great for a few of my teen family members!

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